20 April 2016

Is Noel Gallagher Making His Own Bid For An Oscar?

Noel Gallagher is getting closer to his Oscar dream after teaming up with a soundtrack great.

David Holmes, who has scored hit movies including Ocean’s Eleven, is producing the singer’s next solo album.

Now the hope is that Hollywood bigwigs will use his new material for a movie and get Noel that Academy Award nod.

An insider told me: “With David’s influence, getting the music on to a film soundtrack stands a very good chance.”

UK stars Adele, 27, and Sam Smith, 23, have nabbed an Oscar in recent years.

And the elder Gallagher, 48, admits he’s a bit jealous.

He said recently: “It would be nice if I could write a song for a fi lm which would win me an Oscar.”

Due out next year, the rock legend called his new solo music “f***ing brilliant”, dashing any lingering Oasis reunion hopes.

Producer David, who is up for an Ivor Novello Award, recently remixed some of Noel's work.

And Noel explained: “I’m working with a producer in a way I’ve never worked before which is writing in the studio and my producer’s suggesting jumping off points.

“The end results are pretty good at the moment.”

Source: www.nme.com


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