10 April 2016

Noel Gallagher Brands The World “A Pretty S**ty Place”

Noel Gallagher has offered his views on terrorists, and said he thinks they should all be killed, in a political rant.

The Oasis guitarist and songwriter offered his political opinions ahead of a series of gigs in Madrid and Barcelona, and branded the world “a pretty s**ty place”.

He said: “They will try to finish with us all only because of some twisted logic supposedly sent by their God.

“How can you reason with someone like that?

The High Flying Birds front man continued on to the Spanish paper, El Mundo: “Too many people are going to die because of the freedom of movement in Europe: in Brussels, in Paris, in London, or in any other place where they carry a bomb under their coat.

“The most important thing is that out leaders do nothing, they just talk. When something happens, they talk about what’s happening and go on about how we should unite to defeat terror.

“In England, all they know how to do is go on TV after the event when the bodies are still on the ground.”

He added: “I ask myself what they’re going to do so it doesn’t happen again, why those terrorists were able to get into a car full of explosives, cross 3 borders and then escape.

“I would set up some nice border controls and find out who these people are and what they’re doing there.”

Noel also revealed he is in favour of Brexit.

Source: www.ok.co.uk


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