13 April 2016

Noel Gallagher On Glastonbury And Touring

Noel Gallagher has had his say on the line-up for this years Glastonbury Festival and if he will be playing at the event.

He told the NME “No. They’re yet to ask or make a serious offer. But I am going. The line-up isn’t exactly great though. Not talking about the headliners, but the entire thing… I think, ‘What am I going to see?’ ELO, they’re good. I try to go every year with the missus. We didn’t go last year so we’re going this year and I have the time off.”

He also spoke about the length of his current tour promoting his High Flying Birds album 'Chasing Yesterday' he said “I started this tour last March, it’s been a long one. Tours get longer as the record industry dwindles. No one is going to give up their lifestyle because no one buys records, so you just tour for longer.”


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