11 April 2016

Noel Gallagher On Oasis, Adele, ACDC, Blur, Writing A Film Soundtrack And More

Below are snippets from two Spanish interviews with Noel Gallagher that have been translated by frjdoasis and Jessica.

The original translation can be found here for El Mundo here for ABCdesevilla.

El Mundo

What inspires you most, love or hate?

Hatred has never inspired me. And I don’t think this is something that I have really experienced. I want to say that apart from terrorism I don't hate a lot of things. Love provides a lot more inspiration than the negative side of life. It is obvious that there are people who write songs about pain and sadness, like fucking Radiohead and damned Adele, but love is something much more noble to talk about. Falling in and out of live, finding love, detaching. It's one of the things that makes us human, and in the course of your life you fall in love with almost everything, your parents, your pets, music, girls, politics ...

What do you think of United Kingdom leaving the European Union? 

I support it.

Politicians ... 

They're idiots. They let Hitler did the same thing in 1938 and in 1939, annex this country and then this territory and then the ... The only thing you have to do when you face things like that is the fucking war and who dies in war is our working class, our young people. I understand that the rulers don’t want to send people to war, but sitting there with their idle hands they will irrevocably lead us to that.

I was going to say that you do not have a good opinion even of those who rule.

The only concern of politicians is the perception that one has of them through the media. They don’t give a fuck about people. We live in a very strange world, liberal and politically correct, in which one can speak of massacred people in the streets ... until you insult the people who made it. And this madness means that one takes refuge in his own little family and give them to everyone else. It deprives you of your natural goodness, soul, the one that tells you to help others. However, as there are evil people and rulers who either remain paralyzed or tell you to turn the other cheek, people today - and I'm not among them - are losing their humanity.


Do you usually compose on tour?

Well, now that you mention it... In my previous tours, I wrote many songs, and on this one, not one. What I do is listen to lots of music.

What was the last new band that has impressed you?

Jungle, definitely. They're from London, and they're kinda like Sly & the Family Stone of the 21st century, they're brilliant.

Who knows, maybe at some point you influenced them. Do you often think about your enormous influence in the music of the last quarter century?

I know my songs mean the world to many people around the planet, but no, I do not usually think about it. In fact, when I'm not thinking about music, I usually only think of football.

You have achieved almost everything in the music world. But, is there something else you'd like to do?

Yes, I want to compose a soundtrack one day. But, you know why? So I can go to the Oscars with my wife and tell a few directors that their films are shit, haha! And it would be great to win an Oscar.

Having the power to reunite Oasis when they please must be like having within reach the nuclear button, right?

Haha! The question is, what for? To make lots of money? I have lots of money. To do something enjoyable? What I'm doing with the High Flying Birds is very enjoyable. To make people happy? I'm already doing that with my new band. Anyway, I'm a man who moves by instinct. If tomorrow I wake up in my Madrid hotel thinking that reuniting Oasis would be great, I'd do it.

What do you think of Axl Rose going to be the singer in the AC/DC tour?

Oh god, that can't happen.

The rumor continues to grow... Pictures have appeared of them coming out of rehearsal together.

Really? (He puts his hands to his face and backs down on the couch) Oh no, they're crazy. I'll just say one thing: That would be as ridiculous as Adele singing with the Supremes.

Did you like the last Blur album?

Mmm... Yes, there's three good songs. Perhaps four.

Thanks to frjdoasis and Jessica.


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