18 April 2016

Noel Gallagher Reveals Who's Producing His Next Album And More

Below are a number of videos of Noel gallagher during a recent interview in Belguim. During the interview he talked about who's producing his new album and more.

On his new album he said "David Holmes is producing it, and I’m singing one song in the highest register I’ve ever got to in my entire life. It’s almost unenjoyable singing it.”

As some of you may remember David Holmes did the remix of 'The Girl With The X Ray Eyes' for the 'Where The City Meets The Sky: Chasing Yesterday The Remixes' EP.

He said at the time "When I first heard 'The Girl With The X Ray Eyes' I immediately heard the influence of David Bowie's 'Space Oddity' which made me think of another great version by the Langley Schools Project... after listening to the lyrics on repeat for a few hours I thought they had a real picture book sensibility so I called my daughter's primary school teacher John Hunter who is a massive Noel fan. I told him my idea and he spoke to the head master who give us permission . So John rehearsed the kids for 5 days during breaks with Claire Dean (music teacher ) and I stopped by and recorded it in their assembly hall."

 Listen to the remix here.


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