18 April 2016

Richard Ashcroft Wants To Work With Noel and Liam Gallagher On A Musical With Oasis

Your dream of a Britpop jukebox musical will come true if Richard Ashcroft has anything to do with it.

The Verve frontman wants to work with Oasis stars Noel and Liam Gallagher on a musical, and has already thought about its structure and story, as well as joking that he'd play himself.

"I'd like to do a musical of our songs combined, in a story of both our youths and the combination at the end, and the fact that we have both crossed paths, been mates, looked after each other," Ashcroft told Noisey.

Last year, Noel said he "should make a record" with the Verve frontman but for Ashcroft, he'll work with both of them or neither of them.

"The pros are [Noel is] an amazing songwriter. So if I get 50% on the publishing then it's obviously cha-ching for both of us," Ashcroft explained. "But there's a lot of negatives working with either of them and not working with the other one. It's like being a brother in the middle."

Ashcroft's next collaboration will be with The Who as a special guest at the Isle of Wight Festival, where he'll perform songs from his new solo album These People.

Source: www.digitalspy.com


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