21 May 2016

David Holmes Gives An Update On Noel Gallagher's New Album

David Holmes the man who's producing Noel Gallagher's new album spoke to GigWise on the progress of the album.

He said when questioned the pair would be working together "Why did he fucking announce that?" laughed Holmes. "Yeah, it's going really good. We're a good bit into it now, we've got nearly five tracks done now. People are going to be surprised. I think people love Noel and they're desperate for him to make a really big, bold, uptempo beast of a record - a lot of Noel's music is quite mid-tempo. This one is quite fun."

He continued: "Noel's straightforward, he normally just reacts - he either goes 'yeah, that's great' or 'no, that's not for me', or to be perfectly blunt 'no that's fookin' shite'. It's been really good, Keefus has been playing on it - it's been a fun experience. He's super talented and a joy to work with."

"It's not for me to say what it sounds like, it's his record - I'm just helping him try to realise a different way of working and stuff. You're going to have to wait and see. He's a brilliant guitar player, and he's really getting into guitar pedals and stuff. He's got two great ears."

As some of you may remember David Holmes did the remix of 'The Girl With The X Ray Eyes' for the 'Where The City Meets The Sky: Chasing Yesterday The Remixes' EP.


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