24 May 2016

Liam Gallagher Tweets 'Fuck Oasis' And Calls Brother Noel A Potato

'You're nothing but a YES man': Liam Gallagher reignites his feud with Noel as he brands his brother a 'potato' in argument with a record producer.

The Gallagher brothers' long-standing feud appeared to revert right back to playground tactics on Tuesday as Liam, 43, called Noel, 48, a 'potato' on Twitter, and seemingly reignited their fight.

Former Oasis rocker Liam appeared to take issue with record producer David Holmes who identified Noel's new High Flying Birds record as 'fun' in an interview published that morning.

'FUN is that what you call it your (sic) nothing but a YES man remember that GINGE,' he wrote as part of a string of angry posts on Tuesday.

Liam then posted a side-profile picture of his older brother Noel, which he simply captioned with the word 'Potato' and for emphasis, posted it twice in one minute.

Prompting an onslaught of abuse from Oasis fans, his untagged rant continued: 'Go on have a whinge fan boys LG x' and finally: 'F**** P****'

Liam's rage comes after Holmes' insight into the new record, as part of an interview with Manchester Evening News.

The producer said: 'People are going to be surprised (by the new record). I think people love Noel and they're desperate for him to make a really big, bold, uptempo beast of a record - a lot of Noel's music is quite mid-tempo. This one is quite fun.

'It's not for me to say what it sounds like, it's his record - I'm just helping him try to realise a different way of working and stuff.

'You're going to have to wait and see. He's a brilliant guitar player, and he's really getting into guitar pedals and stuff. He's got two great ears.'

Holmes was unveiled as the record producer behind Noel's latest album just last month, when he admitted to working 'in a way I've never worked before.'

Finally, it seemed like the Gallagher brothers had made amends after years of feuding in March 2015 when Liam tweeted a selfie with an Access All Area pass to Noel's High Flying Birds show.

The younger Gallagher brother captioned the picture: 'Keeping it in the family... LG x' as he covered up his mouth with the Keep It Dangerous homecoming gig tag.

Liam famously quit Oasis the band in 2009 just as they were about to play a gig and the volatile duo have been at loggerheads ever since.

Getting frank about their physical conflict, Noel told Esquire magazine in November last year that the band collapsed after a 'massive fistfight.'

'The last six months were f***ing awful,' he recalled. 'It was excruciating. Me and Liam had a massive, massive, massive fistfight three weeks before the world tour started.

'And fights like that in the past would always be easy to rectify but for some reason I wasn't going to let it go this time. I was just like, "F**k this ****." And there was an atmosphere all the way around the world.'

The musician even blasted his brother in a foul-mouthed rant on stage that July, mid-way through a High Flying Birds gig at Cork's Marquee venue.

He told a heckler at the show: 'Liam’s at home looking at himself in the mirror. Fortunately, he’s still not as big a c*** as you are. Imagine that. Being the bigger c***.'

Previously, Liam distinguished between 'the band Noel' and his brother 'our kid,' telling the Clash in 2003 that he 'f***in' despise[d]' the musical side of Noel but still loved him, as an individual.

He revealed: 'He knows my feelings' the singer explained. Everyone knows my feelings, I'm not shy with that.

'I love our kid - as in the Noel that's not in a band and not in the music business and not all that bullsh** that people see he is. But the band Noel? The f***in' geezer that's in the band? I f***in' absolutely f***in' despise [him].

'And I guess he feels the same way. But if you speak to him, he'll probably go: "Yeah, I know; I hate both the c***s'. But yeah, I love our kid when he's not surrounded by the bullsh**."'

In 2015, Noel waded into Liam's family life, calling it 'a f**king mess' as he referred to Liam's love child and affair with current girlfriend Debbie Gwyther while still married to Nicole Appleton.

'As we know, you can't plan 30 seconds of your life with him as it can go t*ts up any time,' Noel told The Sun last November.

Having appeared to bury the hatchet, fans were given fresh hope that the siblings were on the right path to a reunion.

Meanwhile, the title of Oasis' documentary based on their infamous shows at Knebworth back in 1996 was announced earlier this month.

Supersonic comes from Academy Award-winning executive producer Asif Kapadia, who brought us AMY and filmmaker Mat Whitecross, producer James Gay Rees and alongside Fiona Neilson.

Noel said of the release: 'The love and the vibe and the passion and the rage and the joy that are coming from the crowd, if anything, that’s what Oasis was.'

While Liam added: 'Oasis was definitely like a f***ing Ferrari, great to look at, great to drive and it will f***ing spin out of control every now and again when you go too fast. I loved every minute of it.'

Liam, who confirmed his band Beady Eye had split via Twitter in October 2014, previously told German magazine Event that they had a considerable amount of footage from the shows staged on August 10 and 11 of that year.

Oh yeah! Just because it'll be the 20th anniversary of our Knebworth concerts in 2016,' Gallagher said.

'And because we're a bunch of nutters, we've completely forgotten that we had actually filmed the whole thing. With like 20 cameras and a lot of what happened on the festival ground as well.
'Like fans arriving, backstage sequences, interviews and flights over the area. Which we've never released. I've no idea why.'

He added: 'We decided that 2016 would be a good moment to do so, since Knebworth was the highlight of our career.

'We think that the 20th would make a good occasion to reflect on that, or to tell the history of Oasis - and then leave it at that. So far there's going to be a documentary and a live album.'

Noel and Liam played the gigs with fellow band members Paul 'Bonehead' Arthurs, Paul 'Guigsy' McGuigan and drummer Alan White to 250,000 people.

Source: www.dailymail.co.uk


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