13 June 2016

What's Liam Gallagher Shooting In Los Angeles With Director Nigel Dick?

Below is a small article from today's Daily Star. It suggests Liam Gallagher was shooting something with director Nigel Dick, who worked with Oasis on the videos for Rock ’n’ Roll Star and Wonderwall,

Liam Gallagher loves a quiet night in enjoying tea and biscuits.

Nigel Dick who directed a number of Oasis music videos says he is addicted to PG Tips and digestives.

He said: "We were shooting in LA so I sent out one of the assistants to get as much English food and drink as they could find.

"He bought back PG Tips and digestives, so I set up a little outdoor garden and gave Liam his own tea party, and he loved it.

"After his cuppa and digestives, he was a gem to instruct.


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