6 July 2016

Roman Abramovich ‘Slapped Noel Gallagher In The Face’ With His Wallet

We all know Noel Gallagher is a massive Manchester City fan.

The former Oasis guitarist has a box at the Etihad and is a regular in the away crowd when his beloved Citizens are on their travels.

But did you know the musician is willing to go to extraordinary lengths to prove his commitment to the cause?

Speaking on the Dream Team FC podcast, Sun deputy editor Gordon Smart claims Gallagher and Abramovich had a spat a few years ago.

It’s best if we let him explain…

“Noel Gallagher and I went to see U2 at Wembley in 2009,” he said.

“We went into the dressing room and it was an unbelievable who’s who of famous folk. Roman Abramovich, Bill Clinton, Salman Rushdie, Damian Hirst.

“Noel and I got really really steaming. Noel said ‘come on, we’ll go speak to Abramovich’.

“So, we wandered across slightly pissed. Abramovich’s missus does all the translating for him.

“Noel says to her, ‘tell him I’m a Man City fan and Man City have more money him’.

“She translates and Abramovich puts his hand in his pocket, pulls out a wallet and slapped Noel in the face with it!

“In a way that was a little bit more than friendly!

“Noel laughed. The conversation carried on and we were obviously enjoying it a lot more than he was.

“Then this massive lump of a bloke with an earpiece came across and said, ‘Mr Gallagher, Mr Smart…could you leave Mr Abramovich alone now.'”

Source: www.thesun.co.uk


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