4 August 2016

Blossoms Want Liam Gallagher To Play Fred Perry In Movie

The Stockport five-piece want to put the rock ’n’ roller’s tennis skills to the test and play the legend, who won Wimbledon three times.

Fred was known as a cocky player, and Blossoms reckon Liam, 43, would be perfect to portray the sports star’s swagger.

Singer Tom Ogden told me: “If we make any money from our album we’ll fund a film about Fred Perry’s years living in Hollywood.

“He was hated by all the film stars because he was a proper rock ’n’ roller. Liam is the most rock ’n’ roll lead singer of all time, so he’d be perfect.”

Fred was from Stockport too, and, although Liam has no acting experience, Tom added: “If you’ve got a rock ’n’ roll tennis player who’s from a similar area of the country as Liam, it’d make sense to have him play Fred.”

Tom, 23, added: “The film would be one-third gritty, Northern kitchen-sink drama, one-third drama about getting revenge on Wimbledon who disowned Fred for being a lad, and one-third like a Pixar cartoon, as we’d want an animated tennis ball playing Fred’s best mate!”

Blossoms self-titled debut album is expected to go to No1 tomorrow.

Source: www.dailystar.co.uk


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