23 August 2016

Liam Gallagher On Beady Eye, Noel, Johhny Marr And More

Liam Gallagher has spoken to the current issue of Q about his brother Noel being disappointed when Beady Eye split up.

The singer said "Was he? I'm sure he was. I was more disappointed Oasis split up. I wonder if he was. I've never heard him say he was disappointed about Oasis, No, he's got what he wanted."

When asked What was that? Was it to be a frontman? Liam said "Without a doubt, without a doubt. Jealous, every f*cking soundcheck he'd go stand in the middle and sing. The geezer's got small man syndrome. He never had the nerve back in the day, so he joined my band and slowly wormed his way to the front, got his balls together. Same as Johnny Marr. Get yourselves over to the other side, play your guitars, play it with yer teeth, because there's no place for you over here. You know when your kid puts on make-up on and tries to look grown-up for a laugh? it's like that. They're playing at being frontmen. Get back over there. They look stupid.

"He's a great guitarist, our kid. He looks like Steve Jones when he's over there on that side. Be happy over there. But out front he looks like Don McClean. If he thinks he's Lee Mavers he needs to have another look at himself because Lee Mavers is dark and mysterious and you don't know what's going to happen with Lee Mavers. You know what's going to happen with Noel. His fucking sleeves, rolled up. It's like Dermot O'leary with a guitar. Fuck Off. He needs to fuck back over his side of the stage and strike a pose".

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