2 October 2016

Liam Gallagher Compares His New Music To The Work Of John Lennon

Liam Gallagher has discussed his upcoming solo album in a pair of new interviews.

The former Oasis frontman had previously denied that he would go solo, arguing that he wouldn't do so because he is "not a c**t". However, it was later announced that he has inked a deal with major label Warner Bros for a solo LP, coming in 2017.

Speaking to The Telegraph, Gallagher has now said: "I guess it’s the last chance to dance, know what I mean? There’ll be some rock 'n’ roll bangers on [the album], but also some softer, John Lennon-y things. That’s who I am. You know, I can’t cook. I fucking refuse to cook. All I can do is do what I do."

In another interview with The Sunday Times, Liam added: "I can only say it’s sounding promising." He also acknowledged fan doubts over what the music might sound like. "There’s disbelief, without a doubt. That spurs me on. It’s like when people body-shame someone, and two minutes later they’ve got a six-pack," he said.

"I’m not a media darling, so people go, ‘He can’t write songs.’ And maybe I can’t, but what I’ve got is good. It’s a bit of everything. A few are a bit 'Working Class Hero', which suits my Rolls-Royce. And garage-rock psychedelia, in your face. There’s a song I like called 'Over' — acoustic, faraway voices. Cool. I think it will put a few people in their place."

“The main thing is, the voice is sounding delicious," Gallagher continued. "It’s still banging it. Then there’s nice falsetto bits. Bit chilled."

Source: www.nme.com


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