16 October 2016

Liam Gallagher's Latest Tweets...

Fucking hell man is it me or has every 1 turned into a massive cunt where's me bunker as I fucking woz LG x


Yargo giving me everything LG x

Ian brown eat your hear out

Richie havens of mcr LG X

Go to sleep you bunch of squares it's Saturday night you can tell the NGHFB fans from the REAL OASiS FANS

Fan boys Girl Scouts ooh ooh bed that's the problem with this country you bunch of fucking bed heads

Bed heads

LG don't support LG x

Help yargo go in peace brothers n sisters LG x

Yargo help live Liverpool 1998 get it down your neck proper LG x

Little fan boys to scared to show there chops NGHFB son of the SCUM

Wakey wakey rise n shine you've had your FUN and I've had mine LG x

We were this we were that I was great I'm still great fuck of you little toad money money money that's you ABBA aka NG


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