18 November 2016

Mat Whitecross: "Liam Gallagher’s Solo Album Sounds Like Velvet Underground"

Mat Whitecross, the director behind the Oasis Supersonic documentary, has spoken to NME in a new interview, revealing that he has heard music from Liam Gallagher‘s upcoming solo album and that it sounds “epic”.

Liam announced back in August that he is set to release a solo album next year, saying that he will “probably fuck off forever” if the record fails.

Gallagher had previously denied reports that he was releasing a solo album, saying that he wouldn’t do so because he’s “not a c*nt”. He later tweeted: “It’s official, I’m a c*nt”.

Speaking to NME this week, Whitecross revealed that Liam played him his new album during a helicopter ride. “Well, I’ve got to say one of those bucket list moments in my life was when we got a helicopter to go the [Supersonic] premiere, he just turns to me and goes ‘Shall we listen to the new album then?’, then he pulls out these speakers and blasted it out as we were approaching Manchester.”

“It was epic,” the director added. “It just blew me away. I think everyone’s in for a treat. It’s fantastic.”

Asked how it compares to Oasis’ material, Whitecross replied: “I probably shouldn’t talk about it too much because it’s not my place to say, and it was demos that I listened to, he hasn’t finished it yet [but] it was very stripped down, very raw.”

Whitecross went on to say that the music “reminded me of The Velvet Underground“, adding: “I know it’s very fashionable to put people down in the public eye, but I think Liam’s as passionate about music now as he ever has been. If people gave the new album a proper fair and proper listen, they’re in for a treat.”

Despite his solo plans, Liam remains open to an Oasis reunion. Asked the probability of the Britpop group getting back together, Whitecross said: “My guess is as good as anyone else’s”.

Source: www.nme.com


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