30 May 2016

On This Day In Oasis History...

Don't Believe The Truth is the sixth studio album by Oasis, released on May 30, 2005. It reached #1 in the UK Albums Chart with first week sales of just under 238,000. The album entered the U.S. charts at #12, the highest any Oasis album has reached there since 1997 with Be Here Now, although its chart stay was brief. The album went triple platinum in the UK in the first week of 2006, and is the ninth fastest selling album there. As of August 2006, Don't Believe the Truth has sold approximately 2.5 million copies worldwide.

Every member of the band contributed to the writing of tracks for the album, and the album is the first where all duties were divided between the bandmembers. On some of the tracks regular bass player Andy Bell handled guitar, while Gem and Noel contributed bass to other songs. Don't Believe the Truth is the first Oasis record to feature the drumming of Zak Starkey, who replaced Oasis' longtime member Alan White.

Liam also had a larger impact on the album by his developing songwriting. Noel has said that this album is his favourite of Oasis' last four, because all members have contributed to it. This, he claims, has given it a different feel to a typically Noel-written Oasis album.

The band embarked on a massive world-wide tour and started off at the London Astoria for their Don't Believe the Truth Tour.


The recording process for Don't Believe the Truth was prolonged. The album was originally supposed to be released around summer/autumn 2004, with an initial 3-4 week session produced by Death in Vegas. The recording finally began after Alan White's departure in January 2004 at Sawmills Studios in Cornwall, the same place where Oasis had recorded their debut album Definitely Maybe. These sessions were completed but the band weren't happy with the results.

Noel has commented since on numerous occasions that there was no problem with the work done by Death In Vegas, but he felt the songs they were working on were simply not good enough to form a record, and felt a break was needed in which new material would have to be written. In Noel's words: "we were trying to polish a turd". Around 10 tracks were worked on with Death In Vegas of which, according to Noel, 6 were "not even good enough to make the b-sides". Four of the tracks which eventually appeared on the album were worked on with Death In Vegas, those songs being: "Turn Up The Sun", "Mucky Fingers", "A Bell Will Ring" and "The Meaning of Soul", although all of these had extra work done to them or were re-recorded before being released.

After a short break in which many new songs, including "Let There Be Love", "Lyla" and "Part Of The Queue" were written, the band reconvened at their Wheeler End Studios with Noel as producer. The band were joined on these sessions by The Who's drummer Zak Starkey. In June 2004, Oasis debuted two new songs from these sessions, the Liam-written "The Meaning of Soul" and the Gem-written "A Bell Will Ring" at two live shows in Poole and at the Glastonbury Festival.

After hearing of the band's production problems from Oasis manager Marcus Russell, American producer Dave Sardy expressed interest in taking over production duties. Sardy was given tapes of existing recording sessions to mix, and after his work was praised by the band, he arrived in the UK to oversee new recording sessions at Olympic Studios in London. These sessions didn't last long before he asked the band to travel to Los Angeles and re-record most of the album there, as he felt more comfortable working in a studio closer to home. With the band eventually agreeing to this, recording sessions began at Capitol Studios in October 2004 with the band spending around 9 weeks there.


The decision to have the leadoff single, "Lyla", on the album was a controversial one, prompted by the label's feeling that there wasn't a suitable lead single among the tracks originally presented. As a result, the decision was taken to record "Lyla", a song which Noel had written and demoed a year previously, but which wasn't recorded by the band during the previous recording sessions. It was decided that Dave Sardy would remix Noel's original demo with Liam recording a set of lead vocals and Zak adding a fresh drum track. "Lyla" reached number one on the UK Singles Chart and number nineteen on the U.S. Modern Rock Tracks chart. After having initial reservations about the choice of the first single being taken out of the hands of the band, Noel, who initially wanted "Mucky Fingers" to be the first single, has now reluctantly conceded that the song has indeed "done the business".

In April 2005, four tracks from a promo disc leaked: "The Meaning of Soul", "Mucky Fingers", "Keep the Dream Alive", and "Let There Be Love". The full album found its way onto the Internet on May 3, 2005, when Apple Inc. accidentally put the album up early for sale on their iTunes Music Store service in Germany. While there was no official comment by Apple or by Oasis management, it was speculated that Apple simply got "May 30" confused with "May 03" or "May 3".

29 May 2016

Noel Gallagher's Latest Instagram Post

A photo posted by Noel Gallagher (@themightyi) on

Happy Birthday Noel Gallagher...

Happy Birthday to Noel Gallagher who is 49 today.

28 May 2016

Liam Gallagher's Latest Tweet...

Quadrophenia the sequel noooooooooooo let me take my own life LG X

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27 May 2016

Liam Gallagher's Latest Tweet...


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26 May 2016

Happy Birthday Alan White...

Happy Birthday to former Oasis drummer Alan White who is 43 today.

25 May 2016

What's Going On At 'This Feeling' This Weekend?

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24 May 2016

Liam Gallagher Tweets 'Fuck Oasis' And Calls Brother Noel A Potato

'You're nothing but a YES man': Liam Gallagher reignites his feud with Noel as he brands his brother a 'potato' in argument with a record producer.

The Gallagher brothers' long-standing feud appeared to revert right back to playground tactics on Tuesday as Liam, 43, called Noel, 48, a 'potato' on Twitter, and seemingly reignited their fight.

Former Oasis rocker Liam appeared to take issue with record producer David Holmes who identified Noel's new High Flying Birds record as 'fun' in an interview published that morning.

'FUN is that what you call it your (sic) nothing but a YES man remember that GINGE,' he wrote as part of a string of angry posts on Tuesday.

Liam then posted a side-profile picture of his older brother Noel, which he simply captioned with the word 'Potato' and for emphasis, posted it twice in one minute.

Prompting an onslaught of abuse from Oasis fans, his untagged rant continued: 'Go on have a whinge fan boys LG x' and finally: 'F**** P****'

Liam's rage comes after Holmes' insight into the new record, as part of an interview with Manchester Evening News.

The producer said: 'People are going to be surprised (by the new record). I think people love Noel and they're desperate for him to make a really big, bold, uptempo beast of a record - a lot of Noel's music is quite mid-tempo. This one is quite fun.

'It's not for me to say what it sounds like, it's his record - I'm just helping him try to realise a different way of working and stuff.

'You're going to have to wait and see. He's a brilliant guitar player, and he's really getting into guitar pedals and stuff. He's got two great ears.'

Holmes was unveiled as the record producer behind Noel's latest album just last month, when he admitted to working 'in a way I've never worked before.'

Finally, it seemed like the Gallagher brothers had made amends after years of feuding in March 2015 when Liam tweeted a selfie with an Access All Area pass to Noel's High Flying Birds show.

The younger Gallagher brother captioned the picture: 'Keeping it in the family... LG x' as he covered up his mouth with the Keep It Dangerous homecoming gig tag.

Liam famously quit Oasis the band in 2009 just as they were about to play a gig and the volatile duo have been at loggerheads ever since.

Getting frank about their physical conflict, Noel told Esquire magazine in November last year that the band collapsed after a 'massive fistfight.'

'The last six months were f***ing awful,' he recalled. 'It was excruciating. Me and Liam had a massive, massive, massive fistfight three weeks before the world tour started.

'And fights like that in the past would always be easy to rectify but for some reason I wasn't going to let it go this time. I was just like, "F**k this ****." And there was an atmosphere all the way around the world.'

The musician even blasted his brother in a foul-mouthed rant on stage that July, mid-way through a High Flying Birds gig at Cork's Marquee venue.

He told a heckler at the show: 'Liam’s at home looking at himself in the mirror. Fortunately, he’s still not as big a c*** as you are. Imagine that. Being the bigger c***.'

Previously, Liam distinguished between 'the band Noel' and his brother 'our kid,' telling the Clash in 2003 that he 'f***in' despise[d]' the musical side of Noel but still loved him, as an individual.

He revealed: 'He knows my feelings' the singer explained. Everyone knows my feelings, I'm not shy with that.

'I love our kid - as in the Noel that's not in a band and not in the music business and not all that bullsh** that people see he is. But the band Noel? The f***in' geezer that's in the band? I f***in' absolutely f***in' despise [him].

'And I guess he feels the same way. But if you speak to him, he'll probably go: "Yeah, I know; I hate both the c***s'. But yeah, I love our kid when he's not surrounded by the bullsh**."'

In 2015, Noel waded into Liam's family life, calling it 'a f**king mess' as he referred to Liam's love child and affair with current girlfriend Debbie Gwyther while still married to Nicole Appleton.

'As we know, you can't plan 30 seconds of your life with him as it can go t*ts up any time,' Noel told The Sun last November.

Having appeared to bury the hatchet, fans were given fresh hope that the siblings were on the right path to a reunion.

Meanwhile, the title of Oasis' documentary based on their infamous shows at Knebworth back in 1996 was announced earlier this month.

Supersonic comes from Academy Award-winning executive producer Asif Kapadia, who brought us AMY and filmmaker Mat Whitecross, producer James Gay Rees and alongside Fiona Neilson.

Noel said of the release: 'The love and the vibe and the passion and the rage and the joy that are coming from the crowd, if anything, that’s what Oasis was.'

While Liam added: 'Oasis was definitely like a f***ing Ferrari, great to look at, great to drive and it will f***ing spin out of control every now and again when you go too fast. I loved every minute of it.'

Liam, who confirmed his band Beady Eye had split via Twitter in October 2014, previously told German magazine Event that they had a considerable amount of footage from the shows staged on August 10 and 11 of that year.

Oh yeah! Just because it'll be the 20th anniversary of our Knebworth concerts in 2016,' Gallagher said.

'And because we're a bunch of nutters, we've completely forgotten that we had actually filmed the whole thing. With like 20 cameras and a lot of what happened on the festival ground as well.
'Like fans arriving, backstage sequences, interviews and flights over the area. Which we've never released. I've no idea why.'

He added: 'We decided that 2016 would be a good moment to do so, since Knebworth was the highlight of our career.

'We think that the 20th would make a good occasion to reflect on that, or to tell the history of Oasis - and then leave it at that. So far there's going to be a documentary and a live album.'

Noel and Liam played the gigs with fellow band members Paul 'Bonehead' Arthurs, Paul 'Guigsy' McGuigan and drummer Alan White to 250,000 people.

Source: www.dailymail.co.uk

Liam Gallagher's Latest Tweets...

Fokin Prick 

Fun as in wake me up bfore you go go have you heard yourselfs your pair of tossers club Tropicana drinks are free LG x 

I'm ere all wk more entertaining than your shower of shit so called Rock stars Rock n Roll for the toffs 


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Liam Gallagher's Latest Tweets...

FUN is that what you call it your nothing but a YES man remember that GINGE



Go on have a whinge fan boys LG x

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23 May 2016

On This Day In Oasis History...

The video below is from May 23rd 2002, when Oasis played at MTV Superdry in Tokyo, Japan.

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Eh journos leave the almighty RA out of me n the creepy 1s nail biting saga as you were LG x

Who's the creepy 1 trying to kid with all them photos of him pretending to be on the tube that's his living room poles n all as you were LG

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Nile Rogers Says He'd Love To Work With Noel Gallagher

King of disco Nile Rogers has said he'd love to work with Noel Gallagher after the former Oasis frontman said he was a major fan of the Chic man's music.

"If I worked with Noel, we’d figure out something great," Rogers told The Guardian. "I love him. He’s amazing. He must be incredibly shy, because he always threatens to come to our gigs and never shows up."

The musician and arranger thinks that he should invite Gallagher to Fold, the music festival he curates, which comes to London's Fulham Palace in June. "Dude, you just gave me an idea!," he said. "Let’s get him on stage at Fold. I’m going to try to get in touch with him when I get back home."

Source: www.rte.ie

Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds El Mexicano Remixes Available To Download & Stream Now!

El Mexicano (The Reflex 'La Revolucion' Remixes) are now available to download and stream here.

El Mexicano (The Reflex ‘La Revolucion’ Remixes) features remixes of The Mexican by The Reflex (Nicolas Laugier), which were released on limited edition vinyl for Record Store Day.

21 May 2016

David Holmes Gives An Update On Noel Gallagher's New Album

David Holmes the man who's producing Noel Gallagher's new album spoke to GigWise on the progress of the album.

He said when questioned the pair would be working together "Why did he fucking announce that?" laughed Holmes. "Yeah, it's going really good. We're a good bit into it now, we've got nearly five tracks done now. People are going to be surprised. I think people love Noel and they're desperate for him to make a really big, bold, uptempo beast of a record - a lot of Noel's music is quite mid-tempo. This one is quite fun."

He continued: "Noel's straightforward, he normally just reacts - he either goes 'yeah, that's great' or 'no, that's not for me', or to be perfectly blunt 'no that's fookin' shite'. It's been really good, Keefus has been playing on it - it's been a fun experience. He's super talented and a joy to work with."

"It's not for me to say what it sounds like, it's his record - I'm just helping him try to realise a different way of working and stuff. You're going to have to wait and see. He's a brilliant guitar player, and he's really getting into guitar pedals and stuff. He's got two great ears."

As some of you may remember David Holmes did the remix of 'The Girl With The X Ray Eyes' for the 'Where The City Meets The Sky: Chasing Yesterday The Remixes' EP.

19 May 2016

Richard Ashcroft Encourages Liam Gallager To Make A Solo Album And More

Richard Ashcroft, the frontman of 'The Verve', has told 5 Live that he can't accept Noel Gallagher's offer to work on an album together.

Speaking to Afternoon Edition's Sarah Brett, he said it would "be a sensational record", but added that he had "a deep respect and love for his brother and I think it'd upset Liam a lot."

He didn't, though, rule out working with Noel at some point further down the road, and he encouraged Liam to release his own solo album. Richard's latest album, These People, is released this week.

Watch the interview here.

Liam Gallagher's Latest Tweets

A video of Liam was also tweeted of himself that can be found here.

That's all folks LG x

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Liam Gallagher Says There's 'Lots Of Exciting Things Happening'

Liam Gallagher has hinted that he may return to music in a new Twitter message.

Recent tabloid reports had suggested that the former Oasis frontman had retired from music, rumours that Gallagher later denied.

Now the singer has tweeted a cryptic series of tweets. One reads: "Lots of exciting things happening time to get back in ring give us a call ROVER", while another simply says: "Groove is in the art".

After Oasis broke up in 2009, Gallagher formed new band Beady Eye, releasing two albums with the group before splitting in 2014.

Liam Gallagher recently ruled out the possibility of him releasing a solo album. "Solo record, are you fucking tripping dickhead?" Gallagher wrote on Twitter, saying he would not release solo material as he is "not a cunt".

Noel Gallagher meanwhile has said that he would play one more Oasis gig for £20 million. His comments come after details of the Oasis documentary 'Supersonic' were confirmed this week.

Source: www.nme.com

Liam Gallagher's Latest Tweets

Groove is in the art LG x 

Lots of exciting things happening time to get back in ring give us a call ROVER LG x

A video of Liam was also tweeted of himself that can be found here.

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Liam Gallagher's Latest Tweet

Here's looking at you kid LG x

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18 May 2016

What's Going On At 'This Feeling' This Weekend?

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Visit www.thisfeeling.co.uk for tickets and information on club nights all over the UK.

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Two things a cert in life you either make some body's day or break it as you were LG x

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Noel Gallagher: Oasis Will Reform For 20 Million Pounds

Having spent nearly a decade swerving the thorny subject of an Oasis re-formation, the founding member of the Britpop group has placed his price.

Noel Gallagher has said that an Oasis reunion could be a reality if the sum of £20m were on the table. “For 20 million quid, one gig – that is good money isn’t it?” Gallagher told the Daily Star. “But I have never had that offer from anyone yet.”

Given the ostentatious and potentially unrealistic sum, it seems as if the closest fans may get to seeing the pair together again is in the forthcoming documentary about the band. Entitled Supersonic, directed by Mat Whitecross, the film was launched at Cannes film festival this week and is said to offer “a rare and candid insight” into the group.

“I know a lot of research went into it,” Noel Gallagher told the Bolton News. “But to be honest this shit was getting made while I was putting a record together, so I couldn’t devote that much time to it … I did 20 hours of interviews and so there were lots of things that I’d forgotten. I’d forgotten how insane a lot of that time was.”

An Oasis reunion has long been refuted by both brothers. “Liam is a very angry man still,” Noel Gallagher told the Daily Star in March. “So he is not cool. I don’t ever sit down and when people ask about Oasis, I go: ‘no, that is it’.”

In April last year the Mirror reported that Noel and Liam Gallagher had reached a “gentleman’s agreement” about reuniting after the band’s acrimonious split in 2009. Noel’s publicist has since strongly denied there is to be a reunion.

Source: www.theguardian.com

17 May 2016

Gallery: Liam Gallagher In Nice Airport

Click here for a number of pictures of Liam Gallagher at Nice Airport in France.

16 May 2016

On This Day In Oasis History...

Lyla is a song by the English rock band Oasis. The song was released on May 16th 2005 as the first single from the band's sixth album Don't Believe the Truth.

The song was written by Oasis guitarist Noel Gallagher, who has varyingly described the track as "specifically designed for pogoing", "annoyingly catchy", and the "poppiest thing since Roll with It".

Gallagher says that the song existed in an early form as a song called Sing and dated from the Heathen Chemistry-era. He also says that the title for the final song should have been Smiler, but was changed seeing as guitarist Gem Archer's previous band, Heavy Stereo, also had a song called "Smiler".

Sony's insistence that it should be released as the first single from the album has helped to fuel the tension between the band and their record label, which has led to Oasis not renewing their contract with the record label following the release of Don't Believe the Truth.

Lyla became the band's seventh UK number one when it reached top spot in its first week of release. The song also debuted at #31 on the US Modern Rock Tracks chart and has reached #19 since then. It is the first Oasis song to appear on any US singles chart since 2000 when Go Let It Out hit number 14 on the Modern Rock chart.

Noel has also joked with the fact that the Lyla in the song is actually the sister of the Sally mentioned in the Oasis single Don't Look Back in Anger. Also, he had said that the song is a "love song", being about Sally Cinnamon's sister.

Originally claiming that he wasn't very fond of the song, Noel has said that Lyla "isn't even the fifth best track on the album". The song had existed as a demo since the early recording sessions for the album but was all but forgotten until practically the last minute. However, on the Lock the Box feature on the Stop the Clocks, Noel admitted that he "didn't realise how good it was until [we] played it live," and admitted he loved the "guitars, the drums, and the vocals" of the song.

Live performances

When performing on the UK music chart show Top of the Pops, Liam, who was forced to mime to the music, made no secret of the fact, walking away from the microphone with his mouth closed mid-way through lines that he was supposedly 'singing'. It would be Liam's last performance on the programme before its demise in late 2006. However, Noel and the rest of the band would return in August 2005 to perform The Importance of Being Idle and later in 2009 to perform their last ever released single Falling Down.

Lyla was covered by the Foo Fighters during a performance at BBC Studios.

The song is included on Oasis' compilation album Stop the Clocks. It is also included in FIFA 06 as a track.

Track listing


"Lyla" (Noel Gallagher) - 5:12
"Eyeball Tickler" (Gem Archer) - 2:47
"Won't Let You Down" (Liam Gallagher) - 2:48

7" RKID 29

"Lyla" (Noel Gallagher) - 5:12
"Eyeball Tickler" (Gem Archer) - 2:47


"Lyla" - 5:14
"Lyla" (demo) - 5:29
"Can You See It Now?" (Documentary) - 9:22

The DVD also contains a hidden piece about new drummer Zak Starkey. The video lasts for 1:16 and is accessed by highlighting the word 'Credits' on the main menu, then pressing right until you see the name Zak appear. Then press 'Play' or 'Enter' to view the video.

15 May 2016

Gallery: Liam Gallagher At The Cannes Film Festival

Click here for a number of pictures of Liam Gallagher at Cannes Film Festival in France yesterday.

14 May 2016

Oasis Documentary 'Supersonic' Announced For October Release

The band’s 1994 groundbreaking debut single, Supersonic instantly became an acclaimed rock ’n' roll anthem.

Supersonic is the word that truly sums up the phenomenal journey that took Oasis from releasing their first single in 1994, to record-breaking sellout shows at Knebworth Park in 1996, where 2.6 million people applied for tickets. The band played to 125,000 fans per night - they could have played 20 nights.

From Award-winning filmmaker Mat Whitecross and Academy Award-winning producer James Gay Rees (‘AMY'), alongside Fiona Neilson, Simon Halfon and Academy Award-winning executive producer Asif Kapadia, Supersonic documents the bands journey from the moment when Noel Gallagher joined his brother Liam’s band - the two boys who shared a bedroom growing up, were now sharing a stage.

From the release of 'Definitely Maybe' - which at that moment became the fastest-selling debut of all time - it was then less than two years before they played their historic shows at Knebworth Park.

"The love and the vibe and the passion and the rage and the joy that are coming from the crowd, if anything, that’s what Oasis was."

"Oasis was definitely like a fucking Ferrari, great to look at, great to drive and it will fucking spin out of control every now and again when you go too fast. I loved every minute of it."

The filmmakers have been given unprecedented access to the band allowing a rare and candid insight into their world along with never before seen archive material.

Lorton Distribution will be releasing the film in the UK this October.

Source: www.music-news.com

Teaser Movie Poster For Oasis' Documentary 'Supersonic'

13 May 2016

Another On This Day In Oasis History...

Don't Go Away is a song by Oasis and is taken from their third album, Be Here Now, written by the band's lead guitarist Noel Gallagher. The song was released as a single in Japan on May 13th 1998, peaking at number 48 on the Oricon chart.

It was also a success in the United States, where it hit #5 on the Billboard Hot Modern Rock Tracks chart in late 1997. It was the band's last major hit in the United States until 2008's "The Shock Of The Lightning".

On This Day In Oasis History...

Champagne Supernova is a song by Oasis, written by Noel Gallagher. The seven-minute anthem is the closing track on the record-breaking album (What's the Story) Morning Glory?.

It was released on May 13th 1996 as a single in Australia, a music video directed by Nigel Dick was released to music channels and, as a result, the song received much television and radio airplay.

The song was released in the U.S. as a radio single and enjoyed great success there, becoming the band's second No. 1 single on the Modern Rock Tracks chart. It also peaked at No. 20 on the Billboard Hot 100 Airplay, becoming the band's third top 40 single on that chart. The song is considered a fan-favourite and has received widespread critical acclaim.

Liam Gallagher's Latest Tweet

So the not so mighty NME think there my mouthpiece strange days indeed most peculiar momma SRTID LG x

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12 May 2016

Liam Gallagher's Latest Tweet

Strange days indeed most peculiar momma LG x

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Noel Gallagher Says Pep Guardiola Has A Massive Job On His Hands At Manchester City

Manchester City superfan Noel Gallagher has told talkSPORT this season will be a ‘massive failure’ if the Blues fail to qualify for next year’s Champions League.

It’s been a disastrous end of the season for outgoing manager Manuel Pellegrini, with City bowing out of the Champions League semi-final in pathetic fashion against Real Madrid, while their Premier League top four hopes have also crumbled in recent weeks.

A slide in results, claiming just one win in four games, means Man City now need West Ham to beat Manchester United on Tuesday night to keep their chances alive.

If United win their final two games of the season, City - who only have one more game to play -  win finish fifth.

And Gallagher joined the Sports Bar on Monday night to vent his fury and frustration with the team.

“If we end up failing to qualify for the Champions League, this season will be a massive failure - even though we won the League Cup,” the English rock legend and High Flying Birds frontman told talkSPORT.

“The fact a top four place is not in our hands is unfathomable.

“It’s an absolutely disgrace that City are waiting on West Ham to do us a favour against Manchester United.

"And Leicester are 17 points in front of us – that’s just insane!

“We’re in big trouble here, because if we don’t qualify for the Champions League, how are we going to attract the players who are rumoured to be coming?

“There’s talk of big players coming in the summer, and if they all want to play in the Champions League, are they going to come?

“Pep has a massive job on his hands.”

Pellegrini had the chance to end his reign at the club with glory, after guiding City to their first ever Champions League semi-final.

But, despite playing in what was arguably the biggest game in the club’s history, the Blues’ stars failed to turn up – registering just one shot on target as Real won 1-0 to progress to the final against Atletico Madrid.

And Gallagher has plenty to say about that, too.

“I was out there in Madrid and the whole thing was just so disappointing, the two legs were really deflating,” he added. “To not muster a shot on target was a pretty damning statistic.

“I was walking out of the Bernabeu thinking, ‘I would have rather got beat 5-0’.

“If a manager like Mourinho, Klopp or Mancini was on the touchline instead of Pellegrini, would the team have mustered a bit more fight? I think they would have. I’m looked over at the manager during the game, and he’s  stood with his hands in his pockets and I’m just thinking, ‘come on man!’

“Who wants to get to the semi-final of the Champions League and finish fifth in the Premier League? No one!

“I would have rather gone out in the last-16 and finished third.”

Listen to the full interview here.

Source: talksport.com

On This Day In Oasis History...

Below are a number of videos from May 12th 2005, when Oasis played at the Alcatraz in Milan, Italy.

What's Going On At 'This Feeling' This Weekend?

A well known haunt of well known faces, and where to see future next big things in advance.

Visit www.thisfeeling.co.uk for tickets and information on club nights all over the UK.

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