30 November 2016

What's Going On At 'This Feeling' This Weekend?

A well known haunt of well known faces, and where to see future next big things in advance, this week's events are in Cardiff, Birmingham, Brighton, Glasgow and London.

Visit www.thisfeeling.co.uk for tickets and information on club nights all over the UK.

Noel Gallagher’s “Ridiculous” Suggestion Influenced Jet Member's New Band

There doesn’t seem to be a filter when it comes to the creative and scandalous outbursts of Noel Gallagher, which is why he so often produces entertaining and lasting content; the likes of which has influenced the new band from Jet drummer Chris Cester.

With the band’s classic Get Born and Shine On records reissued ahead of a massive stint supporting Bruce Springsteen next year, Jet are well and truly back in action, but that’s not to say they haven’t been busy since disbanding in 2011.

Speaking with The Music’s Bryget Chrisfield, Cester gave insight into how Damndogs – formed in LA with fellow Jet members Louis Macklin and Mark Wilson and cousin Mitch McIvor in the wake of Jet’s hiatus – morphed into a new project that was named by Gallagher.

“When Mark left the band, Louis and I decided to keep going but we renamed – we changed – it because the music had changed a lot as well,” Cester said.

“I [texted] Noel Gallagher at one point and asked him if he could give us a new band name. And he said Mystic Knights Of Amnesia, which we both thought was ridiculous.

“But then we were like, ‘Actually, it’s so ridiculous it could be awesome!’ And it suits the music, too, which is just really off the wall. Our first song, our first release, is gonna probably be around nine minutes long, but not a boring nine minutes.”

After racking up a lot of airplay with Get Born and Shine On, Cester’s acutely aware that “nobody’s gonna be playing a nine-minute song” on the radio. “I gave up on the radio a long time ago,” he admits. “I think you’ve gotta sort of just play your own game, you know?”

You can listen to instrumental versions of Mystic Knights Of Amnesia’s new fuzz, jam masterpieces via their website.

Check out theGuide for all upcoming Jet tour dates.

Source: themusic.com.au

29 November 2016

Solo Gig Announcement "Not True" Says Liam Gallagher's Management

Earlier today, it was reported that Liam Gallagher's first solo performance was confirmed for next year.

According to Music Week, the former Oasis frontman was set to play at London's Bush Hall as part of Give A Gig Week for music charity, Youth Music.

However, a spokesperson for Liam Gallagher's management has now told Radio X that the reports are "not true".

While it's not sure when we'll be able to see the Oasis man on stage, it has been confirmed that we can expect an album next year.

So far, the rocker has teased acoustic John "Lennony" vibes on the record, while Supersonic director Mat Whitecross has called it "epic," and said it reminds him of "The Velvet Underground".

Source: www.radiox.co.uk

Watch A Documentary On Oasis' 'Don't Look Back In Anger'

Great (English) interviews from Noel, Craig Gill, Brian Cannon and John Robb plus classic band/gig footage in this excellent Swedish documentary, SVT’s "History Of The Hit- Don’t Look Back In Anger".

Click here to watch the video.

28 November 2016

Foo Fighters’ Taylor Hawkins Praises Liam Gallagher

Foo Fighters‘ Taylor Hawkins has spoken out in praise of Liam Gallagher – hailing him as a ‘fucking good rock singer’ and remembering ‘great nights out’ together.

The drummer, who just released his new mini solo album ‘KOTA‘, was talking to NME about the inspiration to work on music away from the Foos, when he opened up about his admiration for the former Beady Eye and Oasis man – and even compared him to Freddie Mercury.

“I’ll tell you something about Liam Gallagher,” Hawkins told NME. “That guy is such a fucking good rock good singer. When people talk about Freddie Mercury, they’re like ‘Oh my god, he’s so outrageous’ – a lot of people just skip past the actual thing of what it is that made them great. I watched that Oasis documentary [Supersonic] the other day, and there’s this part were he just sings ‘Champagne Supernova’ in one take in its entirety, and you just go ‘oh fuck’, you know, the reason we all liked him in the first place is because he’s a fucking good singer. He can fucking sing a rock ‘n’ roll song dude.”

Hawkins continued: “I hope him and his brother can get his shit together. I mean come on boys, everyone wants to see Oasis again, give us a break – come on!”

When asked about how long he’d known the Gallaghers and the Foos history of playing live with Oasis, Hawkins replied: “Oh yeah I’ve known those cats off and on. I was playing shows when I was drummer for Alanis Morissette for all these Christmas festivals, so the Foo Fighters were doing it before I was in the band, Jane’s Addiction, and Oasis. It was right when that album ‘What’s The Story? (Morning Glory)’ came out. We’d be in England and  every single car was either playing Blur or Oasis.”

He went on: It was such a fun time, 1995-96, it was amazing. I remember their bus would pull up, outside of Ohio or New Jersey or something like that, and watching those two guys smacking each other, not even out of the bus. We’re going ‘ oh my god, there they are the real deal’. They look amazing and they’re beating the crap out of each other and I can’t even understand a word they are saying. I had a couple of great nights with them Liam back in the day, back in the 90s.

“Every time I see him I get a big hug. I love him. I think he’s one of the great frontmen over the last 20 years, no question. As far as a guy who can hold a microphone and sing, and really not do much of anything. He can move, one little sway, his hair’s always impeccable and he’s always got the best sweatshirt you’ve ever seen in your life.”

Source: www.nme.com

Liam Gallagher Announces First Solo Gig

The Oasis frontman claimed that he was working on a debut solo album during the screenings of Mat Whitecross documentary Supersonic - and now he's about to prove it live.

Liam Gallagher is set to perform his first solo show - in aid of a music charity for young people.

The former Oasis frontman revealed that he was working on a debut solo album during the Manchester screening of Mat Whitecross documentary Supersonic earlier this year, and has reportedly signed a deal with label Warner Bros to release his first album next year.

He'll perform as part of the Give A Gig Week, which raises funds by putting on 100 shows in a week to support 75,000 young people working in 350 youth music projects around England.

The show will take place at London's Bush Hall on March 28, 2017, and the bill includes more star appearances from Jess Glynne, Tom Odell, and rapper Plan B.

Give a Gig Week 2017 runs across venues in the capital from March 24-31, with shows taking place at Bush Hall, Shepherd’s Bush Empire, The Bedford, The Roundhouse, and the Hard Rock Café.

Speaking to Music Week today, Youth Music's chief exec Matt Griffiths said: “ I’m really encouraged to see the music industry getting behind Give a Gig Week to help us transform the lives of more disadvantaged young people through music.

"The industry has a long history of supporting charities and we’re heartened to see our work at Youth Music being acknowledged."

Oasis fans had hoped the big Gallagher news next year would be their long awaited reunion and a Glastonbury headline spot. In fact, suspicion was so high that last month one bookmaker took its odds on an Oasis reunion off - because of an increase in big money bets.

Gamblers increasingly optimistic that the Gallagher brothers will bury the hatchet next year led Betway to remove odds of 5/4 on the band getting back together in 2017 because of a "significant number of new accounts placing maximum bets".

Reports also emerged that the Manchester band had started booking support bands for a potential reunion tour after Australia's Noise11 claimed to have insider information from a "UK rock band from the 90s with a very close connection to Liam Gallagher".

So far, it looks like that isn't not part of Liam's masterplan...

Source: www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk

Another On This Day In Oasis History...

Below is a video from November 28th 2006, when Noel Gallagher played an acoustic show at the Le Cabaret Sauvage in Paris as part of the promotion for Stop The Clocks.

Performing in front of his smallest audience for years, Gallagher backed by Gem Archer on guitar and percussionist Terry Kirkbride, played a mixture of acoustic B-sides and album tracks.

On This Day In Oasis History...

Let There Be Love" is a song on the British rock band Oasis' sixth album, Don't Believe the Truth. Written by Noel Gallagher, it is the second Oasis song to feature Liam and Noel on lead vocals, the first being the B-Side "Acquiesce". It was released on November 28th 2005 as the third single from the album in the UK, and the second single in the US. It reached number two in the UK charts, capping a very successful year for the band. Many critics cited this song as proof that Oasis had returned to form we had seen in the mid-90's.

A demo for the track was recorded during demo sessions for Standing on the Shoulder of Giants. A bootleg of these demo sessions was leaked onto the Internet in early 2000. This track was given the unofficial title "It's A Crime" on many bootlegs as the track was unknown and unreferenced anywhere before then. The album version of the song is structurally almost exactly as the same as the demo with a slight change in melody in the part that Noel sings. The lyrics to the chorus remains intact, but the verses and bridge have totally rewritten lyrics.

The single version of the song omits the second verse and chorus.

A second, Noel-sung demo was released on the "Let There Be Love" DVD single. It has the same lyrics as the album version, and in fact the album version takes some elements from the demo such as the piano. It was probably recorded sometime in 2003 or 2004, prior to the main Don't Believe the Truth recording sessions.

The video is a montage of some of Oasis' live shows during the summer of 2005 including clips of the gigs at Hampden Park and the City of Manchester Stadium. The clips don't actually show the band playing 'Let There Be Love'.

The song has only been played live once, on an Italian radio show in late 2005.

27 November 2016

On This Day In Oasis History...

The videos below are from November 27th, 2000, when Noel Gallagher joined 'The Who' on stage at The Royal Albert Hall in London.

Kelly Jones, Eddie Vedder and Paul Weller also joined The Who on stage for a once-in-a-lifetime performance for the benefit of the Teenage Cancer Trust.

For more on the work by the Teenage Cancer Trust visit www.teenagecancertrust.org.

26 November 2016

On This Day In Oasis History...

The video below is from a semi-acoustic performance by Noel Gallagher and Gem Archer as part of a special season of gigs from London's Union Chapel, recorded on November 26th 2006.

25 November 2016

On This Day In Oasis History...

The videos below are from November 25th 2006, when Noel Gallagher was interviewed by legendary interviewer Michael Parkinson.

24 November 2016

What's Going On At 'This Feeling' This Weekend?

A well known haunt of well known faces, and where to see future next big things in advance, this week's events are in London, Nottingham, Liverpool, Leicester and Bedford.

Visit www.thisfeeling.co.uk for tickets and information on club nights all over the UK.

Woman Who Inspired Oasis' Talk Tonight Has Been Found

The much-loved Oasis song, Talk Tonight, was famously penned by Noel Gallagher after the band's disastrous Whisky a Go Go gig, where he took a flight to stay at the house of a girl he'd been seeing in San Francisco.

Despite saying in Mat Whitecross' Supersonic documentary that he can't even remember her face or name, it seems the woman in question remembers it all too well.

In an interview with the San Francisco Chronicle, Melissa Lim has detailed the time she spent with Noel and has claimed to be the inspiration of much more than just one song.

Talking about the time they first met, she revealed: “He came over and sat down next to me.

“I had never been backstage before, so I asked him ‘Where’s the afterparty?’ and he goes ‘What afterparty? Can I hang out with you tonight?”.

“He was very upset”, she said of the fateful day when Noel turned up at her apartment in Nob Hill. “I took him in, I fed him and tried to calm him down. He wanted to break up the band.”
“We went to Huntington Park to clear his mind. We listened to music. We went record shopping.”

She added: "“San Francisco has a reputation of being a place where bands come to die, like The Band and the Sex Pistols”, she said. “I wasn’t going to let it happen on my watch. I told him ‘You can’t leave the band, you’re on the verge of something big!'”

Talking about their "long-distance relationship," they had after he returned to the band, the outlet reports that Lim would answer the phone to him using the line from '60s musical, Bye Bye Birdie, saying: ""What’s the story, morning glory?”

Apparently, when Noel went back to San Francisco in 1995 and seemed distant, Lim simply said: "“It’s ok, I won’t look back in anger. I know we’re just friends.”

Source: radiox.co.uk

Alan McGee Doesn't See Noel Gallagher Reforming Oasis

Alan McGee has said he thinks Oasis won't get back together.

The Creation Records boss - who first signed the band in 1993 - has poured cold water on the recent rumours the band could reunite in 2017.

As the Scotsman reports, speaking at a special screening of the Oasis Supersonic documentary at Glasgow's Govanhill Baths, the music guru said: “I don’t think they’ll get back together."

“Not with Noel, anyway," added the 56-year-old. "He’s my pal, I know how he thinks, and he doesn’t need it. “The two of them don’t get on. It’s not an act."

However, McGee isn't ruling out the chances of Liam Gallagher and his remaining bandmates touring again in 10 years.

“I think it will get to a stage when Liam takes them back on the road, maybe in 10 years or something.

"There is a massive fan base of younger people who never had the chance to see them live.”

Source: www.radiox.co.uk

Noel Gallagher Enjoys A Night Out With His Wife Sara

Click here for a number of pictures of Noel Gallagher enjoying a night out with his Wife Sara.

23 November 2016

On This Day In Oasis History...

The video below is from November 23rd 2008, when Liam and Noel Gallagher carried their friend Ricky Hatton's belts into the ring before his win against Paulie Malignaggi in Las Vegas.

After Hatton's win Noel congratulated his friend by planting a kiss on him.

Hatton had previously said that, "When I think of the most important things in my life, there's my family first and Campbell my son, then I've got boxing, next comes Manchester City, then it's Oasis."

Read our interview with Ricky Hatton that was posted in 2009 here, it includes a number of personal pictures of him with the Gallagher's.

22 November 2016

On This Day In Oasis History...

The videos below are of Oasis playing at the Nulle Part Ailleurs in France, on November 22nd 1995.

Liam Gallagher's Latest Tweet...

Stunned by the news of the death of Gilly my heart goes out to his family and band members LIVE FOREVER LG x

21 November 2016

Win Signed 'Chasing The Sun' Books Signed By Liam & Noel Gallagher

Win the full set of 'Chasing The Sun' books signed by both Liam & Noel up for grabs.

The 3 hardback coffee table books are taken from the 'Definitely Maybe', '(What's The Story) Morning Glory?' & 'Be Here Now' limited edition super deluxe box sets and are not available individually anywhere!

Click here to enter the competition.

20 November 2016

Liam Gallagher's Latest Tweet...

You want some?LG x

On This Day In Oasis History...

Stop The Clocks is an album by British rock band Oasis made up of Oasis' favourite songs and moments of their career so far and was released on November 20 2006. “Unlike most albums of this nature, Oasis have sat down and undertaken the almost impossible job of picking what they consider to be their finest moments ever. So 'Stop The Clocks' is imbued with the sort of willfulness that has helped make Oasis the favourite band of millions of people worldwide and its running order will no doubt provoke equal parts adulation and bar discussions from the millions of Oasis fans worldwide. Could it ever be any other way?” . It released in November 2006. The "retrospective collection" is an 18-track double album with the featured songs chosen by Noel Gallagher. It went 3x platinum in the UK with sales as good as any album there since Be Here Now.

The album has come about due to the end of Oasis' recording contract with Sony BMG Music Entertainment. Noel Gallagher has gone on record before on numerous occasions saying that Oasis wouldn't release a greatest hits album unless the band were about to split up. However, in an interview with news.com.au in December 2005, he hinted that Sony were planning to release one anyway, and that despite his misgivings, he would have to get involved with it otherwise it'd be "shit". This was clarified in September 2006, when he told the NME that when he made it clear to Sony that the band were not going to re-sign to them, the record label decided to release a greatest hits album. Gallagher then explained that he insisted that it had to be a 'best-of' because he felt a compilation of the best singles, album tracks and b-sides would produce a stronger album than a compilation of singles.

To address some fans' concerns that the release of a greatest hits album was a sign that the band were about to finish, based on some of Noel Gallagher's previous comments, the press release for the album confirmed that they are merely taking "a well earned sabbatical prior to starting work on new material, destined for similar levels of success in the future. As such, this is not a full stop, but merely a time out; a dream set list, and a chance for the world to review the immense contribution that Oasis have made and continue to make to rock 'n' roll."

To celebrate the release of the album, the band will be unveiling their first full-length film - Lord Don't Slow Me Down, shot during the Don't Believe the Truth world tour, from May 2005 to March 2006, the film was shown in November 2006 around the world in selected picture houses, theatres and cinemas to winners of fans competitions and the press. It was also broadcasted on Channel 4 in the UK.

The album debuted at #2 in the UK charts selling over 50,000 copies in its first day of release and 216,000 in its first week of release, surprisingly not selling enough to knock off the top spot to The Love Album, by the boy-band Westlife. It also debuted at #89 on the U.S. Billboard 200, starting with 18,000 units sold. It did however enter the Japanese Oricon album charts at #1, selling 87,462 copies in its first week.

In Japan, a box set was also released of all their singles to coincide with the album.

The Songs

Stop the Clocks focuses heavily on the band's most popular albums, Definitely Maybe and (What's the Story) Morning Glory?, with each contributing five tracks, plus four B-sides (also included on the band's other compilation album The Masterplan) from this era. Only two tracks appear from Don't Believe the Truth, and one track each from Standing on the Shoulder of Giants and Heathen Chemistry, whilst Be Here Now is overlooked completely.

When the release of Stop the Clocks was first announced in July 2006, speculation was rife that the unreleased song of the same name would be included on the record as a bonus track. However, Noel Gallagher told fans at a Q&A session that the song was considered for inclusion, but they weren't happy with any of the many versions they have recorded.

Gallagher also confirmed that the title was chosen to sum up what was described in the initial press release as being "merely a time out; a chance for the world to review the immense contribution that Oasis have made and continue to make to rock 'n' roll." Noel Gallagher revealed in an interview in April 2005 that 'Stop the Clocks' was the original title for the band's early recorded material in early 2004, which turned eventually into Don't Believe the Truth.

Gallagher revealed to Billboard that he was approached about including some new songs on the album as well, but that he opted not to "because it takes the focus away from what you're actually trying to say with a retrospective."

Gallagher told the NME in September 2006 that he picked the tracks on the album, and there were about eight songs that "should be on there, but aren't". He explained that his original vision was for a 12-track album on one CD, but, after whittling down from an initial 30+ tracks, the track-listing was finalised. He admitted that he's had arguments with people about the tracklisting but that "someone has to pick the tracklisting, and I've picked it and that's the end of it. But that must mean we're pretty good, if people are arguing about what's not on it, it's brilliant!"

During an interview on Radio 1 in October 2006, and later during a question and answer session with The Sun, Liam Gallagher, who got a songwriting credit with his "Songbird", claimed that he was happy with the tracks Noel had selected for the album, although he said that he would have liked "Rockin' Chair" and "D'You Know What I Mean?" to be included. Noel, however, admitted that "D'You Know What I Mean?" was to be included on the album up until the moment it was being mastered, explaining that the length of the song "upset the flow of the album".

In the special boxed-edition of 'Stop the Clocks' at the end of the 'Lock the Box' interview, when Liam was told 'Whatever' was not on the track-listing he said "Thank fuck for that".

Track listing

All songs written by Noel Gallagher except "Songbird", written by Liam Gallagher

Disc one
"Rock 'n' Roll Star" (from Definitely Maybe)
"Some Might Say" (from (What's the Story) Morning Glory?)
"Talk Tonight" (from The Masterplan)
"Lyla" (from Don't Believe the Truth)
"The Importance of Being Idle" (from Don't Believe the Truth)
"Wonderwall" (from (What's the Story) Morning Glory?)
"Slide Away" (from Definitely Maybe)
"Cigarettes & Alcohol" (from Definitely Maybe)
"The Masterplan" (from The Masterplan)

Disc two
"Live Forever" (from Definitely Maybe)
"Acquiesce" (from The Masterplan)
"Supersonic" (from Definitely Maybe)
"Half the World Away" (from The Masterplan)
"Go Let It Out" (from Standing on the Shoulder of Giants)
"Songbird" (from Heathen Chemistry)
"Morning Glory" (from (What's the Story) Morning Glory?)
"Champagne Supernova" (from (What's the Story) Morning Glory?)
"Don't Look Back in Anger" (from (What's the Story) Morning Glory?)


The cover was designed by Sir Peter Blake, best known for his design of the sleeve for The Beatles' album Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, but also well recognized within the genre for his work on the cover of Paul Weller's Stanley Road album.

According to Blake, he chose all of the objects in the picture at random, but the sleeves of Sgt. Pepper's and Definitely Maybe were in the back of his mind. He claims, "It's using the mystery of Definitely Maybe and running away with it." Familiar cultural icons which can be seen on the cover include Dorothy from Wizard of Oz, Michael Caine (replacing the original image of Marilyn Monroe, which couldn't be used for legal reasons) and the seven dwarfs from Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs.

Blake also revealed that the final cover wasn't the original one. That design featured an image of the shop 'Granny Takes A Trip' on the Kings Road in Chelsea, London.

19 November 2016

On This Day In Oasis History...

Below is a video of Oasis playing at the Pabellon Wurtzburg in Salamanca, Spain, on November 19th 2002.

18 November 2016

Mat Whitecross: "Liam Gallagher’s Solo Album Sounds Like Velvet Underground"

Mat Whitecross, the director behind the Oasis Supersonic documentary, has spoken to NME in a new interview, revealing that he has heard music from Liam Gallagher‘s upcoming solo album and that it sounds “epic”.

Liam announced back in August that he is set to release a solo album next year, saying that he will “probably fuck off forever” if the record fails.

Gallagher had previously denied reports that he was releasing a solo album, saying that he wouldn’t do so because he’s “not a c*nt”. He later tweeted: “It’s official, I’m a c*nt”.

Speaking to NME this week, Whitecross revealed that Liam played him his new album during a helicopter ride. “Well, I’ve got to say one of those bucket list moments in my life was when we got a helicopter to go the [Supersonic] premiere, he just turns to me and goes ‘Shall we listen to the new album then?’, then he pulls out these speakers and blasted it out as we were approaching Manchester.”

“It was epic,” the director added. “It just blew me away. I think everyone’s in for a treat. It’s fantastic.”

Asked how it compares to Oasis’ material, Whitecross replied: “I probably shouldn’t talk about it too much because it’s not my place to say, and it was demos that I listened to, he hasn’t finished it yet [but] it was very stripped down, very raw.”

Whitecross went on to say that the music “reminded me of The Velvet Underground“, adding: “I know it’s very fashionable to put people down in the public eye, but I think Liam’s as passionate about music now as he ever has been. If people gave the new album a proper fair and proper listen, they’re in for a treat.”

Despite his solo plans, Liam remains open to an Oasis reunion. Asked the probability of the Britpop group getting back together, Whitecross said: “My guess is as good as anyone else’s”.

Source: www.nme.com

Tony McCarroll On His Time In Oasis And Supersonic

Click here to read an interview with Tony McCarroll on his time In Oasis and Supersonic.

What's Going On At 'This Feeling' This Weekend?

A well known haunt of well known faces, and where to see future next big things in advance, this week's events are in Manchester and Sheffield.

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17 November 2016

Gallery: Noel Gallagher And His Wife Sara Enjoy A Night Out In London

Click here for a number of pictures of Noel Gallagher and his Wife Sara enjoying a night out in London.

16 November 2016

Liam Gallagher's Latest Tweet...

Get out yer bed go fill yer fishing net AMEN LG x

Liam Gallagher Has Ditched Oasis’ Sound In Favour Of Acoustic Ballads

The singer is channelling hero John Lennon for his first music since disbanding Beady Eye in 2014.

It promises to be an emotional album that could take on fellow strummer Ed Sheeran in the charts next summer.

Liam, 44, spilled: “It’s a pretty Working Class Hero kinda thing – Lennony vibe, you know what I mean. It’s like acoustic.

“Then there’s a couple of rock and roll tunes on there, but it’s not Oasis man.

“It’s not f***ing stadium rock, you know what I mean?”

Yes, Liam, I think we get the gist.

Liam has made no secret of the fact he would rather be in a band and openly admits he “can’t be a***d” to pen his own tracks.

He said: “I’m quite happy being the f***ing cool bastard. I’m not a***d about writing songs – you do it because you have to.”

Liam has previous acoustic form, having written Oasis singles Songbird and I’m Outta Time.

But at no point did he and brother Noel ever attempt to sit together and collaborate.

He explained: “Noel was the songwriter of the band and I was the singer. I didn’t wanna be a songwriter. We can’t even f***ing speak together; imagine writing a f***ing song together.”

Despite being a reluctant songwriter, Liam is creating the LP himself and is only working with a couple of unknown musicians to help him with certain parts.

We can’t wait to hear the results. Sounds like Ed Sheeran might want to check the 2017 release schedule before dropping his third album too.

Source: www.dailystar.co.uk

15 November 2016

Damon Minchella On Turning Down An Offer To Join Oasis

In an exclusive interview with Damon Minchella, we asked former Ocean Colour Scene bassist about turning down Oasis.

He said: "Well ... Yes. When Guigsy left the band, Noel asked me to join. We were doing ... well (he explains) Liam Gallagher and Steve Cradock had done that Carnation thing so we were travelling to TOTP together, and they asked me then to join the band but I was told I could not continue with Paul Weller or Ocean Colour Scene of course. I was doing something else with Weller and OCS and I was happy there so my wife at the time also advised me not to do it. So I finally decided to turn their offer down. Financially, not a very good decision I suppose (Damon laughs) but spiritually probably a good thing.

Read the full interview with Minchella here.

Source: www.kulbritania.com

13 November 2016

Another On This Day In Oasis History...

The video below is from November 13th 2000 when Noel Gallagher was interviewed on the Frank Skinner Show.

On This Day In Oasis History...

Stop The Clocks is an EP by British rock band Oasis and was released on November 13th 2006.

The EP is a "preview" of the band's compilation collection, also called Stop the Clocks. The EP is led by "Acquiesce", and book-ended by "The Masterplan", one of the B-sides to the "Wonderwall" single released in October 1995. Also included on the EP is the demo of "Cigarettes & Alcohol" and a live version of "Some Might Say" from 1995.

The EP does not contain the song of the same name, and is available only as a one-off collectors edition CD and Double gatefold 7” including an exclusive sheet of stickers. As there are over two B-sides, the EP was not be eligible for inclusion in the UK Singles Chart. Had it been eligible it would have charted at #5 with 20,858 copies sold.

Track listing

CD RKIDSCD 37, 2 X 7" RKID 37

"Acquiesce" – 4:29
"Cigarettes & Alcohol" (demo) - 4:38
"Some Might Say" (live in '95, venue unknown) - 5:15
"The Masterplan" – 5:22

The EP's notes say that the location of the live recording of "Some Might Say" is unknown. However, analysis of bootlegs have shown that the location was the Club Citta in Tokyo, Japan on 22nd August, 1995.

10 November 2016

On This Day In Oasis History...

The video below is from November 10th 2008, when Oasis played at the Bataclan in Paris, France.

What's Going On At 'This Feeling' This Weekend?

A well known haunt of well known faces, and where to see future next big things in advance, this week's events are in London, Glasgow and Leicester.

Visit www.thisfeeling.co.uk for tickets and information on club nights all over the UK.

9 November 2016

Robbie Williams On His ‘Man Crush’ On Liam Gallagher

Robbie Williams has spoken about his “man crush” on former Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher, as well as his advice for the Britpop icon’s upcoming solo career.

Gallagher is set to release his debut solo album next year, while Williams released his latest record ‘Heavy Entertainment Show‘ last week ahead of a 2017 UK tour.

Speaking to NME at a press conference in London on Monday (November 7), Williams said of Gallagher: “He knows exactly what he wants and how he wants to do it. He’s steadfast with all of that. Is he writing it by himself? I’ve been watching the stuff that he’s been doing as regards to the new documentary [Supersonic].”

“I think he’s been incredibly funny, incredibly charismatic, really watchable,” Robbie added. “I’ve got a bit of a man crush on him at the moment actually. I’m looking forward to his album.”

Source: www.nme.com

Noel Gallagher Enjoys A Night Out In London With His Wife Sara

Click here for a number of pictures of Noel Gallagher and his Wife Sara enjoy a night out in London.

8 November 2016

Listen To Oasis’ Tour DJ Phil Smith’s Oasis Pre-Gig Playlist

Fresh up on Spotify: Regular Oasis’ tour DJ Phil Smith’s pre-gig playlist, played at Manchester’s G-Mex on the Be Here Now Tour, December ‘97!

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Ewan McGregor Compares ‘Trainspotting’ To Oasis

Ewan McGregor has spoken out about the impact and legacy of ‘Trainspotting’ – hailing it as ‘the Oasis of the movie world’.

Last week, the full trailer for ‘Trainspotting 2’ AKA ‘T2’ was unveiled – before the actor who plays Renton took online to also share an emotional response to the Oasis documentary film, ‘Supersonic’.

Now, McGregor has combined his two loves in his latest interview.

“I watched that ‘Supersonic’ documentary last night about Oasis and it made me feel really extraordinarily elated, because I was such an Oasis fan, and at the same time just so depressed that that time’s gone,” he told Radio X. “And that reminded me about that time from ‘Trainspotting’. We were sort of the Oasis of the movie world.

“And the new one has got all of that nostalgia in it. And I think we’ll be very touched by it.”

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7 November 2016

Irvine Welsh Calls Liam and Noel Gallagher The 'Greatest' Of Their Generation

Trainspotting author Irvine Welsh has spoken about the possibility of a Oasis reunion.

The first trailer for Trainspotting 2 was released last week and Welsh has told NME that the film sequel will be better than the original.

It was recently revealed that Oasis turned down the chance to appear on the first Trainspotting soundtrack because they thought the movie was about actual trainspotters, while actor Ewan McGregor has said that he got emotional when watching new Oasis documentary Supersonic.

Speaking in interview with NME, Welsh said of the likelihood of a possible Oasis reunion: “I don’t know. I think if [Noel and Liam Gallagher] can patch things up between them then they could probably work together again but they probably have too many things to go through the motions.”

“They’d have to be really vibing,” he continued. “One is one of the greatest singers of their generation and the other is one of the greatest songwriters and they grew up in the same house. They love each other but can they actually stand each other? If they get to that point then they could really do some great stuff again.”

Welsh also said that he experienced a similarly emotive response to Supersonic: “I just saw it recently, [Factory Records boss] Alan McGee sent it to me. It was fantastic. I actually just emailed Noel [Gallagher] the other day and told it him that. It really did bring out the emotions around the band. It was interesting.”

“I think [Gallagher mother] Peggy was the star of the show. She was really classic. She contextualised them and that all sort of sibling rivalry, she made it very human, something a lot of people can relate to. When it’s just two guys in a band, it seems like petulant pop stars but when you have the mother talking about them growing up, it makes it much more real and sympathetic.”

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4 November 2016

Ewan McGregor Gets Nostalgic Over Oasis Documentary

Ewan McGregor has revealed how he got quite emotional over the new Oasis documentary Supersonic.

The actor has already been getting nostalgic this year, after filming the forthcoming Trainspotting 2 (also known as T2).

The trailer, released on Thursday, shows McGregor's character Mark Renton and co 20 years on from the 1996 classic, which was set during the height of the Britpop era when Oasis were at the peak of their career.

It's no wonder then, that reliving all these 90s moments through rose-tinted glasses (just like Liam and Noel used to wear) has gotten the Scottish actor a bit misty eyed.

He revealed how watching the legendary rock band's biopic was bittersweet, tweeting: "I'm so happy. I'm so sad. This film killed me. I want to go back..."

Source: www.dailyrecord.co.uk

3 November 2016

Mat Whitecross: Oasis Reunion Won't Happen For At Least A Couple Of Years

Director Mat Whitecross doesn't think an oasis reunion will happen in the next couple of years while Noel and Liam Gallagher are working on their solo albums.

'Supersonic' director Mat Whitecross doesn't think an Oasis reunion is on the cards for at least a "couple of years".

The filmmaker spent a lot of time with brothers and bitter rivals Noel and Liam Gallagher and their family while making the film about their journey to becoming the biggest band in the world.

Whitecross is hopeful the pair will put their differences aside and reform the 'Live Forever' rock band, which disbanded in 2009 after an on stage bust up, which lead to Noel leaving the group, but he thinks they will be too busy working on their solo records to commit to anything for a long time.

Speaking to BANG Showbiz at the StubHub Q Awards at London's Roundhouse on Wednesday night (02.11.16), about the rumours that the 'Wonderwall' hitmakers have already booked support bands for a reunion tour, Mat said: "That sounds like nonsense to me. Since we did the film I've been asked about a reunion as if I am telepathic. I would say that they are both doing their new albums so I would imagine that rules them out for at least a couple of years. Then after that I hope so, I would love to see them on stage together again."

Whitecross would like to see Noel and Liam get back together and put their turbulent history behind them for the sake of their parents.

He said: "Having spent time with their family I would love them to be friends again. But it seems a shame because they are so good together."

To make 'Supersonic' - which is named after Oasis' 1994 debut single - Whitecross was given unprecedented access to the group's archive material and Liam and Noel and their fellow band members gave hours of interviews for the project, along with people who were integral to the Manchester group's incredible rise to fame.

The movie focuses on the band's formation in 1991 and journey to their historic concerts at Knebworth Park in 1996 at which they played to 250,000 people following the runaway success of their second LP '(What's the Story) Morning Glory?', which went on to sell over 20 million copies worldwide.

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On This Day In Oasis History...

Track listing

01: "Aquiesce"
02: "Underneath The Sky"
03: "Talk Tonight"
04: "Going Nowhere"
05: "Fade Away"
06: "The Swamp Song"
07: "I Am the Walrus(Live)"
08: "Listen Up"
09: "Rockin' Chair"
10: "Half The World Away"
11: "(Its Good) To Be Free"
12: "Stay Young"
13: "Headshrinker"
14: "The Masterplan"

Release Date: 3 November 1998.

Highest Chart Position: Number 2 in the UK.

Written By: Noel Gallagher (Except track 7 by Lennon/McCartney and track 9 by N. Gallagher/C. Griffiths).

Produced By: Owen Morris and Noel Gallagher (except track 7 Additional Production and Mix by Owen Morris).

Recorded At: Rockfield Studios The Congress House Studio Masion Rouge Sawmills, Cornwall The Soundcheck, Scotland Air Studios Loco Studios, South Wales

The Masterplan is a compilation album by English rock band Oasis, comprising B-sides which never made it onto an album. The album was originally intended for release only in areas such as the United States and Japan, where the tracks were only available on expensive European import singles. It was first released in late 1998. The Masterplan reached #2 in the UK where it went platinum, and #51 in the United States. However, it did gain top spot in various charts around the world, going on to sell 2 million copies. Four songs from the album appear on compilation album Stop the Clocks.


The versions of "Listen Up" and "I Am the Walrus" are edits of their original releases on the "Cigarettes & Alcohol" single. "Listen Up" has 8 bars removed during the guitar solo (4:3–4:39). "I Am the Walrus", with a fade-out, finishes at 6:25, whereas the original runs fully to a natural conclusion at 8:14.

"I Am the Walrus" was given its correct recording location and date on the sleevenotes. On its original release on the "Cigarettes & Alcohol" single, the location listed was the Glasgow Cathouse, in June 1994. However, in promotional interviews for The Masterplan, Noel revealed that it was actually recorded at the soundcheck for a gig at a Sony Music seminar at Gleneagles, Scotland, in February 1994. He said the credit was changed because he thought "recorded at a Sony seminar" would "look shit".

Chris Griffiths (of The Real People) was given a co-writing credit for "Rockin' Chair". On its original release on the "Roll with It" single in 1995, Noel Gallagher was credited as the sole songwriter.

"Acquiesce" was released as a radio single in the United States, and a promotional video was created for this purpose. It consisted of a live performance of the song from Manchester's G-MEX, recorded on 14 December 1997, with various behind-the-scenes footage of the band on tour. For the video, both Liam's and Noel's vocal tracks were overdubbed over the originals recorded live in Manchester.

All of the B-sides from the "Cigarettes & Alcohol" and the UK version of "Some Might Say" singles appear on this album.

2 November 2016

Liam Gallagher's Playlist For Last Nights Manchester City Game At The Etihad Stadium

Liam Gallagher picked his own personal playlist for the Manchester City game against Barcelona in the Champions League last night.

Find the track listing below.

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