19 February 2017

James Blunt Says Liam And Noel Gallagher Are Miserable

James Blunt thinks Liam Gallagher is miserable because he's never had as much sex as Mark Owen.

The 'You're Beautiful' hitmaker insists there are far better benefits to being in a boy band than there are to landing critical acclaim and popularity within a rock group.

He said: "Take That got laid more than Oasis, so join a boy band. No really, they did. I know you don't want to admit it but look at the stats.

"An audience of beer-swilling lads arm in arm football-chanting 'Wonderwall' or an audience of screaming girls chasing you to your hotel, and breaking in through the fire escapes to get to you. Say what you like, but Mark Owen got more action than Noel and Liam combined. And he doesn't get drunk blokes coming up to him in the pub trying to be his mate. No wonder the Gallaghers are so miserable."

Source: www.thespec.com


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