10 April 2017

Alan McGee Thinks Oasis Would 'F*ck Up' Any Potential Reunion

If there's one thing you can say about Alan McGee, it's that he's a man who speaks his mind.

The former Creation Records boss helped steer Oasis to massive success in the 1990s, but even their former manager doesn't think they should get back together - basically because 'they'd fuck it up.'

He told The Sun that he doesn't think Noel and Liam should put aside their differences and get the band back together. “I just hope they don’t spoil the legend, try and recreate and get back together," he said. "They’d fuck it up. As long as you don’t do that, then they are legends forever. So let’s leave it legendary.”

With Liam on the cusp of releasing his debt solo album and Noel continuing with his own successful career, it's unlikely that any potential reunion might happen soon - but McGee is of the opinion that it should never take place.

"I can’t see it," he said. "They are just in different places. It’s always moment in time. You can’t keep going back to try and be 21 again. You have got to move on, you know.”

Source: entertainment.ie


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