31 May 2017

Update On Gem Archer Supporting Noel Gallagher On His Tour With U2?

Yesterday a guitar pedal site TheGigRig posted the following on Facebook.

It was reported in April that he would be joining Noel on tour when he supports U2.

When it was reported Noel Gallagher’s representatives said ‘no comment’ when approached by NME.

Thanks to Kenneth.

Liam Gallagher On Playing The Manchester Benefit Concert, Oasis And More

Ex-Oasis frontman addresses speculation that band could reunite at Ariana Grande Manchester benefit concert.

Liam Gallagher has addressed ongoing speculation about a possible Oasis reunion, responding to rumours that the band could reform for the Ariana Grande Manchester benefit concert this weekend.

Relations between Liam and older brother Noel have been strained in the years following the band’s split in 2009, but recently Liam sent Noel birthday wishes for his 50th. This led to rumours of a possible Liam and Noel Gallagher reunion ahead of the frontman’s debut solo show at Manchester’s O2 Ritz last night (May 30). However, after that failed to material, there have been rumours that the band could reunite this Sunday (June 4) instead at the benefit concert held in response to the recent Manchester terror attack.

Unveiling his debut solo single ‘Wall Of Glass’ on BBC Radio 1 earlier this evening (May 31), Liam was asked about the latter rumours, to which he replied: “Mate, I don’t think so. I mean, I’m up for it but I think we’re booked for a gig somewhere. I think we’re playing in Germany, so we’re already booked, but I would have loved to have done it.” Gallagher is indeed set to play Germany’s Rock Im Park and Rock Am Ring this weekend.

Asked about his birthday wishes to Noel, Liam explained: “Yeah, well you know, getting old now ain’t he, you know what I mean.” On whether a reconciliation could be happening, Gallagher added: “No, it ain’t. Everyone knows I love our kid… He doesn’t speak to me, we don’t speak to each other. I’ll speak to him some day. It’s all very sad, but we’ll get over it… I guess it mustn’t be nice for my mam… If Oasis ever got back together… if they do, they do. If they don’t, they don’t. A lot of people go, ‘Oh, leave it in the past, you were great then’. Mate, if we ever got back together, it would be happening. There’d be no dodgy gigs, it’d be bang on. So there is unfinished business there, but we’ll see what happens. In the meantime, we’re two little solo boys doing our little things innit.”

On what advice he would offer his kids if they were to form a similar sibling band, Liam said: “Go out and have fun, man, it’s the best gig in the world being in a band with your brother, whether you get on or not.” He added: “They’d have to split the wonga 50-50. They couldn’t be doing what our kid. We can’t be having that, [one living] in a £20 million house and the other poor kid living in a £10 million house.”

Source: www.nme.com

Liam Gallagher On His New Single, Going Solo, Guitar Music And More

Liam Gallagher's been chatting to MistaJam as he releases solo material for the first time.

He appeared on BBC Radio 1 to premier his new single, Wall of Glass. It was a world exclusive first play.

When asked about the comeback, the former Oasis and Beady Eye frontman said he'd got bored of "sitting round the house".

MistaJam described the single as "timeless Liam Gallagher", but very 2017.

Talking about the comeback, Gallagher said "it doesn't feel so weird, it's not as weird as what I thought it would feel.

"It feels alright because it's not like me standing there with a guitar or acoustic guitar, it pretty much sounds like the bands I've been in before. I'm not sat at a piano or 'out like that, d'ya know what I mean. So it seems pretty normal."

He performed his first ever solo gig in Manchester last night, donating the profits to those affected by last week's Manchester bombing.

He told MistaJam he wouldn't go out of his way to try and reach a new or younger audience but that the younger fans seem to be coming without even trying.

"Like last night, the gig in Manchester, there were a lot of young people in there, d'ya know what I mean. Like lots of hair everywhere."

He was also asked about rumours that he might be playing in Sunday's One Love Manchester gig.

"I'm up for it but I think we're playing in Germany so we're already booked. But I would have loved to have done it."

Responding to the first play of the single for MistaJam's Hottest Record In The World, he said "it feels good, it's nice to hear it on the radio, considering I don't know what day it is - it sounds alright.

"For me it's just a rock n roll tune, guitar music. I think a lot of people try and re-invent the wheel. I've heard it all before, I'm sure everyone else has heard it before. I hope people like it anyway, if not, go and buy something else."

Gallagher's not impressed by any guitar music that's around at the moment though. "I'm not digging guitar music or anything, there's not much out there" he told MistaJam.

And on the comparison between Wall of Glass and old Oasis material he said "it's got a lot of swagger man, it's got a bit of a stomp and I'd say it's got a bit more of a groove than a lot of Oasis songs, cos we were not really groovy."

Source: www.bbc.co.uk

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Liam Gallagher On His Video For 'Wall Of Glass', Oasis, Noel And More

Click here to read a short interview with Liam Gallagher who talks about his video for 'Wall Of Glass', Oasis, Noel and more.

Listen To Liam Gallagher's Interview With MistaJam On Radio 1

Click here to listen to Liam Gallagher's interview with MistaJam that was broadcast on Radio 1 earlier today.

Check Out The Official Video For Liam Gallagher's 'Wall Of Glass'

Check out the video for 'Wall Of Glass' the debut solo single from Liam Gallagher.

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Tune Into Radio 1 Tonight For The First Play Of 'Wall Of Glass' And An Interview With Liam Gallagher

Tune into Radio 1s MistaJam show at 19:00 (UK Time) as Liam Gallagher is in the studio to premiere his brand new solo single 'Wall Of Glass' it's MistaJam's Hottest Record In The World.

The track is being played at 19:30 (UK Time), listen live by clicking here.

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Wall of Glass @BBCR1 tonight 7:30pm LGx 

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Even More Reviews And Galleries: Liam Gallagher In Manchester

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Manchester what a night stay cool stay young stay beautiful LG x 

Video: Liam Gallagher Plays New Material And Oasis Classics In Manchester

Below are a number of videos of Liam Gallagher in Manchester yesterday performing some new solo material and Oasis classics.

 Thanks to MrUnitedBros for uploading to YouTube

Video: Bonehead Joins Liam Gallagher In Manchester For 'Be Here Now'

Below is a video of Bonehead joining Liam Gallagher in Manchester yesterday to play Oasis' 'Be Here Now.


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Gallery And Review: Liam Gallagher In Manchester

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Listen To Liam Gallagher's New Single ‘Wall Of Glass’ On Radio 1 Later Today

Liam Gallagher’s new single ‘Wall Of Glass’ will premiere at 19:30 (UK Time) on Radio 1 later today.

Click here to listen live.

30 May 2017

What Happened At Noel Gallagher's 50th Birthday Party?

Noel Gallagher had a huge Narcos-themed party over the bank holiday weekend at Aynhoe Park in Oxfordshire, and it's fair to say that it was memorable.

So much so, it even caught the attention of Wagner Moura, who plays Pablo Escobar in the hit series, and sent Gallagher a personal birthday message.

Click here for a number of pictures and stories of what went on.

Liam Gallagher Joined By Bonehead In Manchester

Former Oasis frontman teams up with Bonehead, plays new tracks and Oasis hits at first solo gig

Liam Gallagher played his debut solo gig at Manchester’s O2 Ritz this evening (May 30), premiering new tracks, playing Oasis hits and teaming up with the Britpop band’s former guitarist Bonehead.

Ahead of the gig, Liam had promised “some serious RnR (rock n roll)”, while a source close to the star said it would be “incredible, emotional gig” with “a few surprises too” – leading to rumours of a possible Oasis reunion. However, there was no sign of Noel on the night.

Gallagher had promised would “honour” the victims of the Manchester terror attack with “something special planned” and proceeds from the show went to the victims and families of those affected by last week’s attack. He further paid tribute to those who lost their lives with a stage set-up that included 22 candles – one for every victim in the attack.

Liam took to the stage with Oasis‘ ‘Fuckin’ In The Bushes’ playing over the PA, kicking off the gig with a rendition of ‘Rock N Roll Star’. Dressed in a cagoule and backed by a four-piece band, Gallagher brandished a tambourine and told the crowd: “It’s not about me, it’s about you lot.”

Gallagher then played another Oasis classic, ‘Morning Glory’, as the second song of his set before a new track called ‘Greedy Soul’ with the chorus: “It’s a long way down”. More new songs followed, the first thought to be upcoming single ‘Wall Of Glass’, another titled ‘Bold’ and a third called ‘Paper Crown’.

Liam’s seventh song of the night was ‘D’You Know What I Mean’ from Oasis’ ‘Be Here Now’, followed by ‘Slide Away’ from ‘Definitely Maybe’. Later, Bonehead joined Gallagher on stage to perform ‘Be Here Now’. Leaving briefly before returning for an encore, Liam ended the night with a rendition of ‘Live Forever’.

Source: www.nme.com

Liam Gallagher Plays First Solo Show In Manchester

Liam Gallagher has made his first ever appearance as a solo act with a homecoming show at Manchester's O2 Ritz on Tuesday (30 May).

The PA played the Stone Roses classic I Am The Resurrection, plus the Oasis song Fuckin' In The Bushes before Gallagher took to the stage, saying "It's not about me, it's about you lot."

His debut solo show opened with the first song from the first Oasis album, Rock 'N' Roll Star - a sign on the stage read "ROCK 'N' ROLL".

Liam concluded the song saying “Normal business has resumed,” before leading his new band into another Oasis classic, Morning Glory.

The setlist mixed Oasis classics like Slide Away and D'You Know What I Mean, with new material, including the first airing of Liam's debut solo single, Wall Of Glass, which is released later this week. The tracks were taken from the album As You Were, which is released in October.

The Oasis legend paid tribute to the victims of last Monday's terror attack, by placing 22 candles on the stage to represent the 22 people killed at Manchester Arena.


Rock ’N’ Roll Star
Morning Glory
Greedy Soul
Wall Of Glass
Paper Crown
D’You Know What I Mean?
Slide Away
It Doesn’t Have To Be That Way
You’d Better Run, You’d Better Hide
Universal Gleam
Be Here Now
Live Forever

Source: radiox.co.uk

Video: Liam Gallagher Plays Oasis' Live Forever' In Manchester

Click here to watch a video of Liam Gallagher play Oasis' 'Live Forever' in Manchester tonight'.

Video And Setlist: Liam Gallagher In Manchester

Below is the setlist for Liam Gallagher in Manchester tonight, Im not 100% sure of the new songs titles but I will edit it later if there are any mistakes.

Fuckin' In The Bushes
Rock 'n' Roll Star
Morning Glory
Greedy Soul
Wall of Glass
Paper Crown
D'Yer Know What I Mean?
Slide Away
It Doesn't Have To Be What Way
You'd Better Run, You'd Better Hide
Universal Gleam
Be Here Now (with Bonehead)
Live Forever

Video can be found here, here and here.

I will post all the tracks together in a separate post when they get uploaded on YoutTube.

Live Updates: Liam Gallagher In Manchester

I will add all the latest updates from Liam Gallagher's first solo show in Manchester, the show is due to start at 21:00.

Below is a picture from Bonehead's twitter page.

Radio X are at the @liamgallagher show in MCR tonight, where 22 candles are placed on the stage.

(Fuckin' In The Bushes)
Rock 'n' Roll Star
Morning Glory
Greedy Soul
Wall of Glass
Paper Crown
D'Yer Know What I Mean?
Slide Away
It Doesn't Have To Be What Way
You'd Better Run, You'd Better Hide
Universal Gleam
Be Here Now (with Bonehead)
Live Forever

Liam Gallagher To Play The Official Lollapalooza Aftershow In Chicago

Liam Gallagher with support from the Blossoms will be playing The Official Lollapalooza Aftershow in Chicago on August 2nd, ticket details can be found here.

Video: Why Liam Gallagher Is Proud Of Manchester

Click here to watch a video of Sky's Tom Parmenter catches up with the former Oasis frontman ahead of his concert to raise funds for victims of the Manchester bombing.

Noel Gallagher On Pep Guardiola's First Season At Manchester City

Noel Gallagher shares his thoughts on his beloved Man City's season and appearing on Match of the Day.

Limited Edition Signed Screen Prints For Liam Gallagher's Tour On Sale At Each Venue

Limited edition signed screen prints for Liam Gallagher's tour on sale at each venue, limited to 100 per show.

Liam Gallagher To Play At Glastonbury

Liam Gallagher will be playing at the Glastonbury Festival this year, no stage time has been announced yet.

Noel Gallagher To Intoduce Oasis' 'Supersonic' At Glastonbury

Noel Gallagher is on the Glastonbury line-up, introducing Oasis documentary Supersonic at William's Green on Friday at 21:00.

Check Out Liam Gallagher's Official Store

Click here to check out Liam Gallagher's Official Store.

Liam Gallagher's Latest Tweet...

Good morning MANCHESTER looking forward to some serious RnR tnight as you were LG x 

Liam Gallagher To Play His First Ever Solo Show Later Today

Liam Gallagher will play his first ever solo show at the O2 Ritz in Manchester later today, with all proceeds going to the M.E.N's fundraising appeal for victims of the Manchester Arena terror attack.

On This Day In Oasis History...

Don't Believe The Truth is the sixth studio album by Oasis, released on May 30, 2005. It reached #1 in the UK Albums Chart with first week sales of just under 238,000. The album entered the U.S. charts at #12, the highest any Oasis album has reached there since 1997 with Be Here Now, although its chart stay was brief. The album went triple platinum in the UK in the first week of 2006, and is the ninth fastest selling album there. As of August 2006, Don't Believe the Truth has sold approximately 2.5 million copies worldwide.

Every member of the band contributed to the writing of tracks for the album, and the album is the first where all duties were divided between the bandmembers. On some of the tracks regular bass player Andy Bell handled guitar, while Gem and Noel contributed bass to other songs. Don't Believe the Truth is the first Oasis record to feature the drumming of Zak Starkey, who replaced Oasis' longtime member Alan White.

Liam also had a larger impact on the album by his developing songwriting. Noel has said that this album is his favourite of Oasis' last four, because all members have contributed to it. This, he claims, has given it a different feel to a typically Noel-written Oasis album.

The band embarked on a massive world-wide tour and started off at the London Astoria for their Don't Believe the Truth Tour.


The recording process for Don't Believe the Truth was prolonged. The album was originally supposed to be released around summer/autumn 2004, with an initial 3-4 week session produced by Death in Vegas. The recording finally began after Alan White's departure in January 2004 at Sawmills Studios in Cornwall, the same place where Oasis had recorded their debut album Definitely Maybe. These sessions were completed but the band weren't happy with the results.

Noel has commented since on numerous occasions that there was no problem with the work done by Death In Vegas, but he felt the songs they were working on were simply not good enough to form a record, and felt a break was needed in which new material would have to be written. In Noel's words: "we were trying to polish a turd". Around 10 tracks were worked on with Death In Vegas of which, according to Noel, 6 were "not even good enough to make the b-sides". Four of the tracks which eventually appeared on the album were worked on with Death In Vegas, those songs being: "Turn Up The Sun", "Mucky Fingers", "A Bell Will Ring" and "The Meaning of Soul", although all of these had extra work done to them or were re-recorded before being released.

After a short break in which many new songs, including "Let There Be Love", "Lyla" and "Part Of The Queue" were written, the band reconvened at their Wheeler End Studios with Noel as producer. The band were joined on these sessions by The Who's drummer Zak Starkey. In June 2004, Oasis debuted two new songs from these sessions, the Liam-written "The Meaning of Soul" and the Gem-written "A Bell Will Ring" at two live shows in Poole and at the Glastonbury Festival.

After hearing of the band's production problems from Oasis manager Marcus Russell, American producer Dave Sardy expressed interest in taking over production duties. Sardy was given tapes of existing recording sessions to mix, and after his work was praised by the band, he arrived in the UK to oversee new recording sessions at Olympic Studios in London. These sessions didn't last long before he asked the band to travel to Los Angeles and re-record most of the album there, as he felt more comfortable working in a studio closer to home. With the band eventually agreeing to this, recording sessions began at Capitol Studios in October 2004 with the band spending around 9 weeks there.


The decision to have the leadoff single, "Lyla", on the album was a controversial one, prompted by the label's feeling that there wasn't a suitable lead single among the tracks originally presented. As a result, the decision was taken to record "Lyla", a song which Noel had written and demoed a year previously, but which wasn't recorded by the band during the previous recording sessions. It was decided that Dave Sardy would remix Noel's original demo with Liam recording a set of lead vocals and Zak adding a fresh drum track. "Lyla" reached number one on the UK Singles Chart and number nineteen on the U.S. Modern Rock Tracks chart. After having initial reservations about the choice of the first single being taken out of the hands of the band, Noel, who initially wanted "Mucky Fingers" to be the first single, has now reluctantly conceded that the song has indeed "done the business".

In April 2005, four tracks from a promo disc leaked: "The Meaning of Soul", "Mucky Fingers", "Keep the Dream Alive", and "Let There Be Love". The full album found its way onto the Internet on May 3, 2005, when Apple Inc. accidentally put the album up early for sale on their iTunes Music Store service in Germany. While there was no official comment by Apple or by Oasis management, it was speculated that Apple simply got "May 30" confused with "May 03" or "May 3".

29 May 2017

Listen To Noel Gallagher's Interview With Radio X

John Kennedy talks to the Oasis legend about his life and music in this very special celebration for Noel's 50th birthday.

Thanks to Oasis Rare Live Videos

Noel Gallagher Reflects On Reaching His Half-Century

On his 50th birthday, the Oasis man reflects on reaching his half-century.

Noel Gallagher is 50 years old today. And, to mark this momentous occasion, he has been in a reflective mood and wonders if his music will continue to be as popular when his own children reach that age.

Speaking to Radio X’s John Kennedy, Noel said: “It’s incredible with the Oasis songs, the famous ones. They will hopefully live forever. And my kids will benefit from them. And their kids, hopefully.”

Source: radiox.co.uk

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