31 May 2017

Liam Gallagher On His New Single, Going Solo, Guitar Music And More

Liam Gallagher's been chatting to MistaJam as he releases solo material for the first time.

He appeared on BBC Radio 1 to premier his new single, Wall of Glass. It was a world exclusive first play.

When asked about the comeback, the former Oasis and Beady Eye frontman said he'd got bored of "sitting round the house".

MistaJam described the single as "timeless Liam Gallagher", but very 2017.

Talking about the comeback, Gallagher said "it doesn't feel so weird, it's not as weird as what I thought it would feel.

"It feels alright because it's not like me standing there with a guitar or acoustic guitar, it pretty much sounds like the bands I've been in before. I'm not sat at a piano or 'out like that, d'ya know what I mean. So it seems pretty normal."

He performed his first ever solo gig in Manchester last night, donating the profits to those affected by last week's Manchester bombing.

He told MistaJam he wouldn't go out of his way to try and reach a new or younger audience but that the younger fans seem to be coming without even trying.

"Like last night, the gig in Manchester, there were a lot of young people in there, d'ya know what I mean. Like lots of hair everywhere."

He was also asked about rumours that he might be playing in Sunday's One Love Manchester gig.

"I'm up for it but I think we're playing in Germany so we're already booked. But I would have loved to have done it."

Responding to the first play of the single for MistaJam's Hottest Record In The World, he said "it feels good, it's nice to hear it on the radio, considering I don't know what day it is - it sounds alright.

"For me it's just a rock n roll tune, guitar music. I think a lot of people try and re-invent the wheel. I've heard it all before, I'm sure everyone else has heard it before. I hope people like it anyway, if not, go and buy something else."

Gallagher's not impressed by any guitar music that's around at the moment though. "I'm not digging guitar music or anything, there's not much out there" he told MistaJam.

And on the comparison between Wall of Glass and old Oasis material he said "it's got a lot of swagger man, it's got a bit of a stomp and I'd say it's got a bit more of a groove than a lot of Oasis songs, cos we were not really groovy."

Source: www.bbc.co.uk


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