7 May 2017

Liam Gallagher's Latest Tweets...

Oh my fucking Lord

Woo hoo

As if Sergio would sign for those bunch of jokers as you were MCFC

Replying to @kieranclews2001 It's coming me lion patience no rush it's not like there's much competition out there you just relax brother

Replying to @hillmanhmfc1874 Not from anybody as far as I can tell young man it's gonna be a walk in the park mate as you were LG

Now to all my Man Utd fans out there and I know there's fucking millions of you bad move selling welbeck as you fucking were LG x

Never feel more like singing the blues city win Utd lose oh city you got me singing the blues as you were brothers n sisters not long now LG

Just saw the GN show fucking hell bruv you have seriously lost the plot man im worried dermot looks worried for you also we got the power LG


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