11 May 2017

Noel Gallagher And Paul Weller Already Have The Theme Song Written For The Next Bond Movie

The film has not started next James Bond yet, but Noel Gallagher and Paul Weller already have the theme song.

I told you how the former Oasis guitarist would record a 007 track “in a heartbeat”.

Now The Modfather spilled: “I’ve got this half a song that me and Noel Gallagher worked on and I think it would be great for a Bond theme. There’s a bit of minor key going on.”

Noel was not impressed by Sam Smith’s recent Bond song, saying: “I could do it and it would be great.”

If Daniel Craig returns to the role as expected, he will have a say in who does the music.

The actor gave the green light to Adele and Sam’s efforts.

Noel once said he wouldn’t mind Craig playing him in a film too.

But Craig joked that he couldn’t because he is too good at guitar playing.

He said: “I can play guitar better than Noel so I don’t know how playing him is really going to work.”

Meanwhile Weller is also keen on trying his hand at the dreaded Eurovision.

Referring to a song off his new album A Kind Revolution out tomorrow, he told BBC: “I want to see the UK win the Eurovision Song Contest.

“And I think they need The Impossible Idea as their tune.

“If it was my song then I would definitely, yeah.”

Well, That’s Entertainment I suppose.

Source: www.dailystar.co.uk


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