13 May 2017

Russell Brand Describes Noel Gallagher As A 'Chippy Bloke'

Noel Gallagher has been described as a ''chippy bloke'' who shows slight elements of wisdom by Russell Brand.

The 41-year-old comedian has a long list of celebrity pals, including the former Oasis band member, who he believes is a ''normal'' person, and will occasionally show a hint of ''wisdom'' when the air are together.

Speaking to NME magazine about the musician, the 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall' actor said: ''Sometimes he's just a normal, quite chippy bloke from Manchester, but t other times you glimpse his wisdom.''

And Russell has revealed musician Morrissey - whose full name is Steven Patrick Morrissey - is ''always obtuse and vague''.

He explained: ''He is his art. I asked him what a bit of 'Now My Heart is Full' meant and he just went mysteriously: 'Oh you know ... the gang.' He's always obtuse and vague.''

Source: www.contactmusic.com


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