30 June 2017

Richard Ashcroft On Liam And Noel Gallagher

Richard Ashcroft has been watching his close friend Liam’s Gallagher’s recent re-emergence with great interest. He believes, the music industry desperately needs a good blast of that infamous Gallagher swagger.

He told the Manchester Evening News “The music industry wants safe rock stars, people who are totally homogenised,” he rants. “And Liam’s the opposite of that. I remember back in the day, when I first met Liam, I thought 'Wow, I can’t wait for this guy to do his first Radio 1 interview!’

"Everything seems so synthetic right now. I think the public are yearning for something real. That’s why Liam sticks out so much.”

He was also asked as a friend of both brothers does he feel a real sadness at their acrimonious – and very public - falling out?

He said “It’s a family affair,” he reasons. “That’s just life. Not many people have families where everything is smooth. For now, the fans have got two great solo careers to enjoy. But yeah, it would be nice if they did get back together. Let’s just hope they don’t burn all their bridges before that happens.”

Listen To Liam Gallagher's 'Chinatown' Now!

Liam Gallagher unveiled a brand new track from his debut album called 'Chinatown' earlier today.

Listen to the track on Spotify by clicking here, you can get instant access to the track when you  pre-order 'As You Were' from various sites.

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Dave Grohl On Bumping Into Liam Gallagher At Glastonbury

Dave Grohl has revealed that his “favourite moment” from this year’s Glastonbury festival was an encounter backstage with Liam Gallagher.

Foo Fighters appear on the cover of this week’s free NME, which is available digitally and nationwide from today (June 30). Subscribe now and find out where to pick up a copy here.

Last weekend (June 24) saw Grohl’s band headline the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury, two years after they were originally forced to cancel after the singer broke his leg.

Admitting that he didn’t “realise the immensity of headlining this festival” two years ago, Grohl has now told NME that he finally ‘gets’ Glastonbury and that it felt “like I’m at my mother’s Christmas party back in Virginia”.

“You know my favourite moment of the whole night?” Grohl continued, adding: “Five minutes before we go onstage, Liam fuckin’ Gallagher wanders in. He goes straight over to Taylor and says, ‘That fuckin’ song – ‘Range Rover Bitch’!’ Then he starts singing a song from Taylor’s solo record. Then he turns round to me and goes, ‘And your shit’s alright, too!’ Taylor had nerves about tonight because everyone made such a big deal about this show, but he walked onstage with the biggest fucking smile…”

Source: www.nme.com

29 June 2017

What's Going On At 'This Feeling' This Weekend?

A well known haunt of well known faces, and where to see future next big things in advance, this week's event is in London and Manchester.

Visit www.thisfeeling.co.uk for tickets and information on club nights all over the UK.

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Tracklisting For Liam Gallagher's Debut Album 'As You Were'

Below is the full tracklist for Liam Gallagher's debut album 'As You Were' that was announced earlier today, the album is released on October 6th.

1. ‘Wall Of Glass’
2. ‘Bold’
3. ‘Greedy Soul’
4. ‘Paper Crown’
5. ‘For What It’s Worth’
6. ‘When I’m In Need’
7. ‘You Better Run’
8. ‘I Get By’
9. ‘Chinatown’
10. ‘Come Back To Me’
11. ‘Universal Gleam’
12. ‘I’ve All I Need’

‘As You Were’ is available to pre-order now from Liam Gallagher’s website www.liamgallagher.com.

It will be released in standard and deluxe editions on digital, CD, vinyl and limited edition coloured vinyl. A special boxset is also available to pre-order from this website.

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2. BOLD 
Sorry bout that had to charge me phone as you were 
8. I GET BY 

28 June 2017

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Artwork And Release Date For Liam Gallagher's 'Chinatown' Single

Liam Gallagher's 'Chinatown' single has started to appear on a number of websites it's scheduled to be released on Friday (30th June).

27 June 2017

Liam Gallagher On His Love For Gabriel Jesus

Speaking to French football magazine So Foot, Liam Gallagher spoke about highly rated Brazilian footballer Gabriel Jesus who joined Manchester City in January.

He said "I love Jesus. He's great, damn. I love it," he said. "In the future, it will scare people.

"It makes me think a little about Ronaldo, because he often tries his luck. And I hate the w****** who do not try their luck. And he's aggressive."

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Liam Gallagher On Manchester City, Pep Guardiola And Joe Hart

Liam Gallagher insists Pep Guardiola cannot afford another trophyless season at Manchester City.

The Spaniard enjoyed hugely successful spells at Barcelona and Bayern Munich but had had a tricky first season at the Etihad.

City ended the Premier League campaign 15 points adrift of leaders Chelsea while they lost to Monaco in the last 16 of the Champions League.

Guardiola has already splashed the cash on Bernardo Silva and Ederson with Juventus full-back Dani Alves expected to join them.

And former Oasis frontman believes he can have no excuse if City fall adrift again next term.

"It is absolutely necessary to win the title next season, we cannot leave it to Chelsea again," he told French football magazine So Foot.

"If we [Manchester City] don't win anything then he [Pep Guardiola] won't be able to stay."

City finished above rivals United last term, but Gallagher doesn't think that is enough.

"We have gone beyond that stage. We have to win the title and we must do well in the Champions League," he added.

Gallagher was also critical about Guardiola’s treatment of England No.1 Joe Hart.

The 30-year-old goalkeeper was exiled on loan to Serie A side Torino last year and is understood to be up for sale.

"Pep made a mistake in getting rid of Joe Hart so soon. He shot himself in the foot," Gallagher said.

"He should have kept him for another season, especially with Kompany's injury. Without them two, there was a lack of leadership in defence."

Source: www.mirror.co.uk

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Glastonbury that was good craic bumped into some old friends made some new 1s as you were LG x 

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26 June 2017

On This Day In Oasis History...

The video below is from June 26th 1994, when Oasis played at the Glastonbury Festival.

25 June 2017

On This Day In Oasis History...

The video below is from June 25th 2004, when Oasis played at the Glastonbury Festival.

24 June 2017

Video: Liam Gallagher On Playing At Glastonbury

Liam Gallagher talks to Jo Whiley after playing at the Glastonbury Festival earlier today.


Liam Gallagher And Johnny Depp Have 'Wild Reunion' At Glastonbury

Liam Gallagher held a party of “epic proportions” at Glastonbury last night which has been hailed as the most rock and roll “carnage” the festival has ever seen.

Johnny Depp bagged himself a side of stage position for when Liam performed on the Other Stage yesterday afternoon.

The pair haven’t seen each other for over a decade but Johnny was keen to catch up with his old pal.

A source exclusively told Mirror Celeb: “Liam and Johnny used to hang out in the 90s.

"They are two of the biggest hellraisers of their time and they’ve always had a laugh, it was always going to be a wild reunion.”

A private luxury teepee was erected for Liam’s crew - which includes his kids Gene and Lennon as well as his girlfriend Debbie Gwyther and their pals.

Some 40 bottles of vodka, 10 cases of beer, and five magnums of champagne were ordered in for the rock star.

A friend of Liam’s said: “It’s going to be carnage.

"Festival organisers have said the last coaches will leave at 11pm, but Liam and his crew want to party, they are going to make the most of the festival, they were breaking the rules before they even arrived.”

Meanwhile Liam is set to collaborate with king of the grime scene Wiley.

The duo met yesterday after Wiley requested to speak to him about a collaboration.

And while Liam doesn’t want to release a grime record he reckons working with Wiley could produce some interesting material as Wiley is also “quite into his pop”.

A source told us: “Wiley has got a lot of ideas that he wants to talk to Liam about, and Liam is very up for listening.”

Source: www.mirror.co.uk

Liam Gallagher: "I'm A Little Aggy B*stard And That's What It's All About"

Liam Gallagher has spoken out about his plans and excitement for Glastonbury 2017 ahead of his set later today.

A last minute surprise addition to the line-up, the former Oasis and Beady Eye turned solo star will be taking to The Other Stage at 5.45pm. Expect a lot of attitude, but not for him to be hanging out backstage.

“I’m steaming for Glastonbury,” Gallagher told The Times. “Now is the right time. We’ve had enough of politician rock’n’rollers who say all the right things before going back to their nice houses. I’m the truth juice, man. I’m a little aggy bastard and that’s what it’s all about. ”

Speaking of his thoughts on the backstage area of Glasto, Gallagher said:“Yeah, but there are dickheads everywhere, aren’t there? I certainly won’t be hanging around with any celebrities. I’ll be holding it down in my own little spot. And my kids [Lennon, 17, and Gene, 15] are coming for the first time, so I won’t be taking mushrooms either. Not in front of them, anyway.”

Asked how he felt about the idea of his children taking drugs at Glastonbury, Liam replied: “Not happening, mate. I haven’t got a leg to stand on, but they won’t be doing it in front of me. Because I’ll be doing it all. There’ll be none left.”

And will be going to see any other bands on the line-up?

“No way, man. I don’t like big gatherings. And then there’s the mud. I’m not ruining me clothes for no one.”

Source: www.nme.com

Liam Gallagher On An Oasis Reunion, Noel, Chris Martin And More

Liam Gallagher has told The Times his brother Noel’s ego is “out of control” and he is preventing an Oasis comeback.

He said: “Mate, it’s not up to me, is it? It’s in the hands of Noel. He’s got the biggest power and that’s what p****s me off. It will depend on how his solo records go because his ego is out of control and he won’t be able to handle it if it dwindles, but he’s obviously got a massive problem with me. “As far as I’m concerned, it was a minor argument that broke up Oasis. We’ve had worse. I heard talk about him doing a solo career five years before, so he used it to jump ship. Right now I can’t give a s**t about Oasis, Noel or his s**t fans.”

Liam, had a go at Noel again for not playing at Ariana Grande’s One Love Manchester benefit concert earlier this month, even though Noel, 50, donated the royalties from Oasis’ ‘Don’t Look Back In Anger’ to victims of the terrorist attack.

He said: “He’s made it clear that a reunion is not at the top of his priorities and right now it’s not the top of mine. I would prefer it if I was in Oasis, but that’s not what the Manchester concert was about. He could have got up and done Don’t Look Back in Anger and never even had to see me. Are you telling me that if Noel Gallagher rocked up with his guitar and knocked on the door they would say, ‘You’re not invited, mate’? So he can f**k off on that one. I don’t care if he was in the Amalfi Coast or wherever, it lacked sympathy on his behalf. We have family and friends in Manchester and me mam’s still there, and it would have been nice to do it for his people. End of.”

Liam performed ‘Live Forever’ with members of Coldplay at the gig and in the past has called Chris Martin a vicar, a geography teacher and a plant pot over the years, he said the pair got on well.

Liam explained: “I did say, after we rehearsed ‘Live Forever’ in the toilets, sorry to him for that. But [Martin] said, ‘No, no, carry on, we love it!’ So I was like, ‘OK, what’s that you’re wearing?’ They know it’s in jest. We’re all different. Not everyone can be as cool as me.”

Gallery: Liam Gallagher At Glastonbury

Liam Gallagher took to the Other Stage on Saturday. The Rock 'n' Roll star played a set full of Oasis classics and some new solo material.

Click here to see some of the best pics from his visit to Glastonbury.

Alternative Link: Liam Gallagher's Entire Set From The Glastonbury Festival

Below is a video of Liam Gallagher setlist at the Glastonbury festival earlier today.

Thanks to cigsalc

Liam Gallagher Interview With Jo Whiley At Glastonbury

Below is an interview with Liam Gallagher who was speaking to Jo Whiley ahead of his Glastonbury appearance.

Thanks to frjdoasis

Watch Highlights Of Liam Gallagher At Glastonbury

Click here and skip to around 19:29 to watch Liam Gallagher at Glastonbury, please note the link only works for UK residents.

I will add another post for fans outside the UK to watch it as and when I find it.

Video: Noel Gallagher Gets Fans To Sing 'Don't Look Back In Anger' With Him At Glastonbury

Noel Gallagher led a crowd of fans at Glastonbury through a mass sing-along of the Oasis classic ‘Don’t Look Back In Anger’.

He was speaking yesterday at the festival at a special Q&A when he invited the audience to burst into song.

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Setlist: Liam Gallagher At Glastonbury

Below is the setlist that Liam Gallagher played at the Glastonbury Festival earlier today.

Rock And Roll Star
Morning Glory
Wall of Glass
Greedy Soul, Bold
D'You Know What I Mean?
Slide Away
I Get By
You Better Run
Universal Gleam
Be Here Now
Don't Look Back in Anger

Liam Gallagher Admits He Snubbed Glastonbury To Watch Love Island

Liam Gallagher has confessed he has snubbed Glastonbury 2017 so he can stay home and watch Love Island.

The 44-year-old Brit pop legend sounds disappointed in himself, but admits he can’t resist tuning in to find out what Camilla, Dom and all the others have been up to.

The Oasis star – who this year has embarked on his first ever solo venture as a musician – revealed all during a chat with Jo Wiley on BBC2.

The pair were discussing the Glastonbury festival – which Liam is not attending – when talk turned to watching the festival on TV and his surprise revelation about the ITV2 reality dating show.

“I watched Dizzee Rascal’s set from my room yesterday. And then I watched Love Island,” twice-divorced dad-of-four Liam said.

“That’s where it’s at. That’s what goes on man,” he continued.

“I’ve had four years of doing nothing, you know what I mean? I’ve gotta do something and I’ve gone to the dark side and Love Island it is,” he added.

Liam also opened up about his envy of members of the public who attend the festival.

He said he wishes he had the same anonymity as the vast crowds at the annual event, as he would not be able to wander from stage to stage unnoticed himself.

“I’m jealous to be fair. I wish one day I could go out and get amongst it,” the star lamented – adding he has toyed with the idea of wandering the crowds in costume.

“I would be a nun. But I reckon I would still get caught because I’ve got the walk you know? They’d be like look at that nun with the dodgy walk,” he said.

Glastonbury reaches its climax tomorrow night with a headline set from chart topping star Ed Sheeran which will no doubt be an absolute thrill to behold.

But Love Island, luckily for Liam, has many more weeks to come as the couples battle it out to find true romance.

Meanwhile Liam's debut solos single, Wall of Glass, is out now.

Source: www.thesun.co.uk

Video: Liam Gallagher Plays An Emotional A Cappella Version Of ‘Don’t Look Back In Anger’ At Glastonbury

Liam Gallagher finished his Glastonbury set with an emotional A cappella version of ‘Don’t Look Back In Anger’, he dedicated it to the victims of both the Manchester and London terror attacks and the victims of the Grenfell Tower fire.


 Thanks to Oasismadness

Liam Gallagher's Next Single 'China Town' To Released Later This Month

It's been reported by www.rollingstone.com that Liam Gallagher's next single is called 'China Town' and will be released on June 30th.

Gallery: Noel Gallagher At Glastonbury

Click here for a number of pictures of Noel Gallagher at the Glastonbury Festival yesterday, he introduced a screening of Oasis documentary Supersonic.

On This Day In Oasis History...

On June 24th 2005 Oasis played at the Tweeter Center in Boston USA, below is a video of the show.

When And Where To Watch Liam Gallagher At Glastonbury Later Today

For those of us who didn’t get a Glastonbury ticket, but still want a slice of the action – and the thrill of finding our favourite acts on the line up – we’ve put together a guide to watching Britain’s premier festival on TV…

Saturday 24 June Liam is on stage at 17:45 (UK TIME)

BBC4 7pm (UK TIME) First up are Jamaican group Toots & the Maytals, followed by Liam Gallagher who’s expected to debut some new material before singing the Oasis classics.


The BBC's Glastonbury website and iPlayer will have a choice of six stages broadcast live throughout the festival. Sit back and watch the live stream from the Pyramid Stage, the Other Stage, West Holts, the John Peel Stage, the Park Stage and the BBC Music Introducing stage.

There will also be a 'Best of Glastonbury' stream available throughout the festival weekend on the BBC Glastonbury website.

If you can't watch live, then the BBC website will have full sets from over 90 artists uploaded and ready to watch at your leisure.

On the BBC Red Button

Press the Red Button at any time during the festival weekend and select between three extra Glastonbury streams.

On radio

BBC Radio 1, 1Xtra, Radio 2, Radio 3 and 6 Music will all be broadcasting live from the festival site all weekend.

Source: www.radiotimes.com

Liam Gallagher Rolls Into Glastonbury

Liam Gallagher will play at the Glastonbury Festival later today.

Liam Gallagher's Latest Tweet...

Oh what a beautiful morning oh what a beautiful day I got a beautiful feeling Glastonbury I'm on my way as you were LG x 

Noel Gallagher On The People Of Manchester Singing Oasis' 'Don't Look Back In Anger'

Noel Gallagher has said that the way the city of Manchester co-opted the Oasis song Don't Look Back in Anger as a rallying cry in the wake of last month's terrorist attack left him lost for words.

Gallagher was speaking before a screening of the Oasis documentary Supersonic in Glastonbury's William's Green tent at Glastonbury Festival on Friday.

The former Oasis singer, who recently turned 50, said that when a minute's silence in Manchester following the attack was interrupted by a spontaneous rendition of the song, "for the first time in my life I was f------ speechless".

The song was used as a defiant hymn following the bomb at a concert by Ariana Grande which killed 22 people, including children and young music fans.

"The fact that people spontaneously rallied round that song is an incredible thing," Gallagher said.

He added that he has no idea who the song's central character Sally is. "Who the f------ hell is Sally? I don't know anyone called Sally," he said.

Gallagher's brother Liam, with whom he has long been feuding, is playing at Glastonbury on Saturday, but Gallagher refused to comment on whether the pair might reunite at the event.

Previously, many fans expected the warring brothers to  appear together at the Manchester One Love benefit concert, organised by Grande to raise funds for the victims and held earlier this month.

Afterwards Liam, who performed at the event and sung with Coldplay's Chris Martin, criticised his brother for not attending.

Source: www.telegraph.co.uk

Noel Gallagher On Harry Styles And Signing For The Greatest Record Label Of All Time

The Oasis guitarist was speaking at a Q&A session before a screening of 'Supersonic' at William's Green

Noel Gallagher has said that Oasis may have “ruined it” for the current generation of artists in terms of creating great rock star stories, quipping: “Harry Styles isn’t going to be fucking coked up at Glastonbury, is he?”

The guitarist was speaking at a short Q&A at Glastonbury this evening (June 23) before a screening of the Oasis documentary Supersonic at William’s Green.

Asked for his take on why musicians and bands seems to be more “well-behaved” in comparison to Oasis’ heyday, Gallagher said that the band weren’t affected by pressure from their label or the music industry in general at the time.

“We were signed by the greatest record label [Creation] there ever was,” he said. “Alan McGee [who signed Oasis to Creation] did not give a fuck whatsoever – we gave less of a fuck than him. Minus fucks were given.

“I think bands like Oasis, Primal Scream and The Verve – we might have ruined it. Because if your share price depends on us… well, then you can fuck off. Harry Styles isn’t going to be fucking coked up at Glastonbury. So we might have ruined it for the next generation. But fuck it, you know what I mean? You weren’t there.”

Source: www.nme.com

Highlights From Noel Gallagher's Q&A At Glastonbury

Noel Gallagher has been speaking at Glastonbury 2017 this evening (June 23) while introducing Supersonic, a documentary about Oasis.

He was interviewed by a host from the Guardian newspaper before the film was screened at Williams Green at Worthy Farm.

Brother Liam will perform on the Other Stage on Saturday (June 24) and Noel was asked about continuing rumours of an Oasis reunion.

Find out what we learnt about a possible Oasis surprise at Glastonbury 2017 and much more below.

1 – Anyone could be Noel Gallagher

Or so he claims!

“I wasn’t born with a gift. Being a musician happened by chance. Anybody could do what I do.”

But he did add when he played his first ever note “a light bulb came on” in his head.

2 – Oasis could only have happened in Manchester

He said the success of the band which he and brother Liam made famous was all down to the climate.

“When you’re indoors all the time you’re watching football, you’re taking drugs or making music.”

He also said bands from Manchester’s past inspired him.

3 – He was left speechless by people singing Don’t Look Back in Anger after the Manchester attack

“I’ve got to say I was sat at home watching the minute’s silence when the crowd spontaneously broke into Don’t Look Back in Anger.

“For the first time in my life I was f***ing speechless.”

4 – He still doesn’t know what the song is about

Don’t Look Back in Anger was written in Paris, while Noel was drunk, he said.

5 – The Sally confusion continues

There’s been much debate about how Sally made her way into the song and who she even is.

Some said Liam came up with it to make the song work better.

But at Glastonbury Noel said Liam told him it was actually Noel’s idea, though Noel himself doesn’t remember.

He said: “Who the f***ing hell is Sally?”

6 – Noel’s a bit spiritual

Despite saying he had no exceptional musical talent, Noel suggested the songs which have really succeeded from Oasis’s back catalogue came from a place which wasn’t his head.

He said: “All of the songs which have gone down 3/4 generations don't come from me

“They come from somewhere else.

“I seem to have a way of putting universal truths very simply.”

7 – He’s not a romantic

“I’m not an overly romantic person, as my wife will testify.”

Poor woman! She did get a lot of love from the crowd though.

8 – He and his wife come to Glastonbury every year

Noel insisted he doesn’t always travel around in 4x4s either, when asked by the Guardian’s Q&A host.

9 – He thinks Glastonbury is simply the best thing around

“This f***ing festival is the greatest gathering of people on the f***ing planet. All the other festivals are just gigs in fields.”

Strong praise for Somerset’s world famous gathering.

10 – Oasis might have ruined all the fun for musicians these days

Asked about the band’s antics with drugs and sex, captured in the Supersonic documentary, Noel said the fun in his day might have resulted in a more controlled atmosphere now.

He singled out One Direction star Harry Styles, now trying to go solo, to illustrate his point.

“Harry Styles ain't going to get caught snorting coke off a prostitute.”

11 – The Oasis reunion wasn’t ruled out – it could still happen at Glastonbury 2017!

He was asked about the future and his ‘next’ project.

The crowd at Williams Green chanted ‘OASIS, OASIS’.

And the questioner pointed out two other members of the band are at Glastonbury this year.

In response, Noel said: “No comment. Enjoy the film!”

So it’s still unlikely, but there remains a slim chance of a shocking Oasis reunion at Glastonbury 2017.

Source: www.somersetlive.co.uk

23 June 2017

Liam Gallagher's Latest Instagram Post

Liam Gallagher Announces North American Tour

Liam Gallagher will play the following dates in North America in November.

11-13 San Francisco, CA - Warfield
11-18 Denver, CO - Gothic
11-20 Minneapolis, MN - First Avenue
11-21 Chicago, IL - The Riviera
11-23 Toronto, Ontario - Rebel
11-25 Boston, MA - House of Blues
11-27 New York, NY - Terminal 5
11-29 Washington, DC - Lincoln Theatre
11-30 Philadelphia, PA - Union Transfer

Ticket details can be found here.

Happy Birthday Bonehead...

Happy Birthday to Paul 'Bonehead' Arthurs who is 52 today.

Liam Gallagher's Latest Instagram Post

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Pre-Order Details For Liam Gallagher's Debut Album 'As You Were'

You can now pre-order Liam Gallagher's debut album 'As You Were' from his Official Store here.

Pre-order any version and get first access to Winter tour tickets.

Pictured below is the limited edition deluxe version of the album that includes...

12” 180g white album vinyl
Bonus 7” vinyl, etched on the reverse
Deluxe CD album
A5 Klaus Voormann art print
Printed foreword written by Tim Kessler
20 page premium hardback book
Digital album emailed to you at release
Order now for an instant download of the first single, Wall of Glass.

22 June 2017

Liam Gallagher's Album Artwork For 'As You Were'

Below is the album artwork for Liam Gallagher's debut album 'As You Were' the album is available to pre-order from midnight.

Liam Gallagher's Latest Tweet...

AS YOU WERE Pre-order from midnight LGx 

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