6 June 2017

Liam Gallagher On Going Head To Head With Noel When He Releases His Album Later This Year

In the current issue of Q magazine, which is on sale on Today, Liam Gallagher has spoken about about going head to head with Noel when he releases his new album later this year,

Liam said: 'I’m certainly not afraid of his album. I’m sure it will be f**king amazing. But it just won’t be more amazing than mine.'

Liam credits his daily runs with giving him mental clarity. He revealed: “If I’ve not gone for a f**king run in the morning, it’s like someone’s thrown a bomb in my head.

'It’s just all scattered. Once I’m out there doing my thing, it’s like, "Right, that needs to get done, this needs to get done, he needs to be told, she needs to be f**king told, they’re all getting told." D’you know what I mean? It just reshuffles the pack.'


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