6 June 2017

Liam Gallagher On Noel's Collaboration With Gorillaz

In the current issue of Q magazine, which is on sale on Today, Liam Gallagher has spoke about brother Noel’s ‘silly’ collaboration with Damon Albarn, calling him a ‘backing singer’.

The former Oasis frontman commented on Noel’s recent stint on stage with Albarn’s Gorillaz, he said: 'If Noel’s doing it to p*** me off, it’s not working.

'Cos I just find it all a bit silly. He’s turned into a backing singer, y’know what I mean? What’s f**king next? Roadie-ing for Steps?'

He added: 'He’s looking like he’s stalking Damon. Damon’s sitting there thinking, "How the f**k have I got into this Gallagher world again?”

'He was doing alright with De La Soul. And now he’s got f**king Stalker Boy stalking him, begging him to sing on his tunes, and then me in the background going, “You f**king c**ts.”

'I feel bad for Damon, to be brutally honest. Stuck in the middle. But you can get restraining orders. Maybe he should get one for Noel. It’s a bit creepy, innit?'


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