3 July 2017

Andrew Wyatt On Working With Liam Gallagher

Taken from an interview with Andrew Wyatt for billboard.com, read the full article here.

You’re used to working behind the scenes on a variety of very high profile projects like Melodrama or the Liam Gallagher stuff. What’s that like? Are you sworn to secrecy beforehand? 

Well, until things are out you never want to tell anybody you’re working on anything because there’s always a chance that it’s not gonna come out. I don’t usually run around and tell people that I’m doing a project until I’m absolutely sure it’s being mastered and sent to radio stations. I try to just not reveal anything before it’s done. It’s a very dynamic business, especially now.

Let’s say you think of an idea, melody, concept, whatever. How do you know what project it would be for, whether for Miike Snow, Lorde, Liam, or LIV (your project with Lykke Li)?

That’s an interesting question because I have never been the kind of writer who can pitch a song for an artist. It just has never worked for me. What usually happens is that I’m friends with the person or they’ll ask me to come in and I get a sense of them and we have some kind of rapport. And then when I’m going about my day elsewhere, something will jump to mind and I’ll think, “Oh, that’s a great chord progression for Florence (and the Machine), or this is a great song for Liam (Gallagher).” Whatever melody or thoughts come into my mind I’m always thinking about who it’d work with. You need that rapport with an artist though, because there’s so much you can pick up from meeting a person and hanging out with them a little while that you can’t get otherwise... at least I can’t. There are other people who are great at that, going in and saying, “Oh, I’m going to make a song for Beyonce” and write it and it all works.

Liam Gallagher’s record is coming out in the fall and I know you worked a lot on it. What can we expect?

The lead single, “Wall of Glass” which I wrote with Liam and Greg Kurstin, is already out and I think it’s doing pretty well in the UK, which I’m excited about. I’m really excited about the record; there’s a lot of good songs on there. Some songs I wrote, some I wrote and produced, some I co-wrote, and a bunch of them are from a writer signed to my publishing company who’d sent me some ideas that I turned into some songs.

Source: www.billboard.com


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