31 July 2017

Liam Gallagher On Going Solo, Oasis, Family And More

From his first time at the mic until Britpop's bubble burst, no one lived life like Liam Gallagher. And when that lairy, lager-fuelled rock rolled on, it left behind not just its figureheard, but a generation of men who idolised his swagger and front. For most of his life it's like the song says: don't look back in anger. Not so for the man himself. In the latest issue of GQ, he explains why those who walked away - including Noel - have much to fear from his return

Read this extract from the full Liam Gallagher GQ interview in the September 2017 issue of British GQ, available as a digital edition and on newsstands from Thursday 3 August.

Liam Gallagher on whether singing in Oasis was enough for him, without writing any songs

“Always. Honestly. I knew the score. That was Noel’s thing. My thing was the whole cliché: the sex, the drugs, the rock’n’roll. I lived it, mate. I was it. And that’s why Oasis worked. We couldn’t have both been boring f***s and neither could we have both been headcases like me. And I know how much it annoyed him. He did the graft while I went out and undid the graft. But Oasis wouldn’t have worked with two Liams or two Noels. The Rolling Stones wouldn’t have worked if they were nuns, would they? Listen, I’m sorry he got dealt the card he did to write the songs, but who’s the one with eight houses now? As he says himself, he might have the rock-star life, but who is the real rock star here?”

Liam Gallagher on going solo

“I’m f***ing glad I’m back, mate, because I know for a fact they’re sitting there – and you say they might be happy – but they’re sitting there going, 'F*** me, mate. He’s come again, man. Two divorces, f***ing illegitimate kids, f***ing two failed bands behind him, three bad haircuts and he’s still f***ing coming.' Oh, and I’m gonna f***ing come even more, mate, do you know what I mean? Because that’s the way it is. That’s who I am. That’s what I do. I’m not gonna sit back and let them win. So they should be f***ing scared. They should be afraid. Without a doubt. This is the third coming.”

On Lisa Moorish, mother of his eldest child Molly Moorish (conceived whilst he was married to Patsy Kensit)

“She’s had her day in the sun… The kid I haven’t seen. We’ll see one day, but, no, not seen her. But if I met her, she’d be cool. She’s welcome in my world and that, you know what I mean? Without a doubt. But I just ain’t met her because her mam’s... Listen, we don’t work. We don’t get on.”

On whether he’d be open to Molly contacting him

“I would be, yes. I mean I’m open to everything. But at the moment it ain’t happening. Got no problem with the girl whatsoever. The girl’s been looked after and clothed and fed and sent to lovely schools. I bought them a house and all that tack. I just think she’s best off with her mum… They aren’t good when they are forced, these things. I think we leave it be. See what happens. If it happens it happens. Certainly, wouldn’t turn her away, man. Let it be.”

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Source: www.gq-magazine.co.uk


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