4 August 2017

Chris Moyles Meets Liam Gallagher In Exclusive Interview

You’ll be able to watch Chris talk to the Mancunian superstar about life, running, Twitter, his solo career, Oasis and the current state of his relationship with Noel on Monday.

Two men. One pub. Lots of swearing. One incredible interview caught on camera.

As Liam Gallagher prepares to release his debut album, Chris Moyles decided the time was right to delve further into the mind of Manchester’s favourite son.

As You Were drops in October, with a new band, new songs and a new Liam. This Liam has taken up running, loves Twitter and is addicted to Love Island. What’s going on inside his head?

Chris and Liam sat down in a North London hostelry one afternoon to chat on camera. And they chatted. A lot. They covered everything: Fame. Money. Running. Twitter. Idiots on Twitter. Sitting around at home scratching your arse. Getting back in the game.

And, of course, Noel. And Oasis.

What’s the current state of play between the Gallagher brothers? How much money would get Oasis back together? Has Noel heard any of Liam’s solo material? What does he think?

It’s the most revealing interview with Liam you’ve ever seen. And we’ll be sharing this online exclusive across Radio X’s social channels on Monday 7 August at 8pm.

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Source: www.radiox.co.uk


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