8 August 2017

Liam Gallagher: “I Run Like Forrest Gump"

The former Oasis frontman explains his fitness regime to Chris Moyles in a very special interview.

Liam Gallagher keeps in shape by running - claiming that he exercises to clear his head and help him stay focussed.

In a very special new interview with Chris Moyles, the former Oasis man explained his fitness regime.

You can watch the clip here.

Liam said of running: "I fucking love it, man. Some days, when you’re hungover, you’re thinking, I can’t be arsed, but once you get out there, it’s the best thing ever. Everything just falls in to place."

"I run for about an hour. Up hills, down hills. I don’t time myself, I ain’t got one of them silly watches and I don’t listen to music. Just run, I’m like Forrest Gump, but cooler-looking."

Liam continued: "For me, it reshuffles the pack, I get back home and I go, 'Right, I’ve got to do that, he’s got to be fucking told’. When I haven’t run I’m like a neurotic fucking housewife, man.

"It’s all about the head, man. My head, you split that open, there’s a fucking 24 pack going on, you know what I mean? I’m not one of them lads that are looking skinny. I don’t wear skinny jeans so no need to be skinny. I certainly don’t want to be fucking six stone, you know what I mean?"

You can watch the full interview with Chris Moyles right here.

Source: radiox.co.uk


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