3 August 2017

Liam Gallagher On Eating Hundreds Of Magic Mushrooms

Liam Gallagher has spoken about taking a large amount of magic mushrooms when he was 15.

He told GQ Magazine "Never been to rehab. I had my drug hell when I was about 15, going around like Pac—Man, eating hundreds of mushrooms. Me and my mate got a bit eager and munched on a load sitting in this shed. I could see he was losing the plot so I decided we should go for a walk. A storm was coming; it was thunder and lightning — biblical. You know when you see puddles of petrol on the road? They looked like angry rainbows".

He added "We are tripping our tits off We decide to walk to hospital. We turn to this nurse and say, ’Excuse me, love, we’ve been taking a load of mushrooms and it’s not going well. Is there any chance we could just stay here until it’s over?’ I figured they were going to syringe the shit out of us, but she took us to a white room and told us to sit down. A totally white room, which if you’re as high as Elton John in ’77 is not ideal. People are coming into the A&E with their f***ing heads and arms hanging of having been in car crashes. We’re like, ’For f* **’s sake...’ Anything after that, a few lines of cake with a supermodel? Piece of piss, mate.”

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