3 August 2017

Liam Gallagher On Growing Up, School, The Hacienda, Journalists And Paralleled Dimensions

Below are a number of quotes from Liam Gallagher's interview with the current issue of GQ.

"People think that we lived on council estates in a box of flats, but they were decent houses. It weren’t a zoo. It was all right, to be fair. I’ve been to worse places. There are worse places down the road..."

“I didn’t go to school to learn, did I? I just went because my mum was the dinner lady. She’d go, ‘What have you got next, Liam?’’Oh, it’s double religion.’ And I’d cross over the railway tracks to my mate’s to smoke weed. Didn’t learn a thing. Left with no exams.”

“I went to The Hacienda. I liked some of the music, but even then I knew I needed a bit more substance. I remember coming out of the club one night and going home and upstairs and putting on The Stone Roses. The main thing about it I liked? It had an end. Not like dance tracks that go on for three f* Ming days It started, it took you somewhere and then it stopped.”

“Well, to cut a long story short, for years the band prided itself on not having tabloid f** *ing journalists in the dressing room. All of a sudden I saw Dominic Mohan and some other f***ing clown from the Sun waltzing around backstage, necking our champagne. Not having it.”

"I believe in paralleled dimensions, mate. People always say there’s two sides of the coin, but what about the third side? The bit in the middle? That’s what I’m into. The width. I believe in angels. God? I do and I don’t believe in Him. Or Her I dig science, too. But the big—bang theory? Not really a theory, is it? What, one explosion and that was it? Bit f***ing boring, if you ask me.”

GQ is on sale now in stores and available digitally.


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