3 August 2017

Liam Gallagher On Joining The Rain And Getting Noel To Join Them

Liam Gallagher has spoken about joining The Rain as the singer with original Oasis members Guigsy and Bonehead and getting Noel to join them.

He told the current issue of GQ “I kind of just knew I could do it. I went to see The Rain in Yates’s Wine Bar in Didsbury; it left me buzzing. I knew Guigsy [Paul McGuigan, bass] and Bonehead [Paul Arthurs, guitar]. They lived up the road. I mean, the music wasn’t any good, but they asked me to audition. I was like, ’Audition?’ Like they were the f***ing Rolling Stones or something. So I went and had a little singsong. I guess I was nervous, but you have to deal with it. I had f*** all else. I saw it as a stepping stone. In the back of my head that day I knew that if I could get in here, I could go back to our kid [Noel], who’d been writing a shit load of songs and he could join as well and then we'd be a top band.”

When asked by the interviewer "How did he know Noel’s songs were any good?"

He replied “I’d been sharing a room with him for God knows how many years so I’d heard what he was writing. I knew how good he was, how good we could be. And we were. It happened. It began.”

GQ is on sale now in stores and available digitally.


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