2 August 2017

Liam Gallagher On Liking A Drink

Liam Gallagher still likes to go out boozing because constant sobriety is "boring".

The "mad for it" former Oasis frontman is known for being one of the most notorious rock 'n' roll hellraisers and during his time in the 'Supersonic' band he got involved in numerous shenanigans, more often than not fuelled by drink and recreational drugs.

Liam - who was in the group with his now estranged older brother Noel Gallagher - has calmed down a lot now he's in his 40s but he doesn't like to be teetotal all time because life becomes too dull and he becomes too nice.

In an interview on 'The Howard Stern Show', he revealed: "I do like a drink, I'm not an alcoholic, but I like talking s**t to people, I like the s**t that comes with drinking. But I have been sober for six months before, it's just boring. I felt too good, I was opening doors for people and getting old ladies' bags of shopping and saying I'll help you across the road - f**k that. I don't want to feel that good, who wants to feel too good?"

Liam, 44, insists he was living the life of a rock star long before Oasis burst onto the music scene in 1994, and he was experimenting with substances, such as psychedelic mushrooms, when he just 15.

He added: "People think just because you're joining a band it's your first beer or whatever, or your first line or whatever you smoke.

"I was mushroomed out of my face when I was 15 and 16, before I even joined the band at 19."

Source: www.montrosepress.com


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