3 August 2017

Liam Gallagher On The Night Oasis Broke Up

Liam Gallagher has spoken about the fight that broke Oasis up in August 2009.

When asked about what exactly happened that night by GQ he said “I’ve heard Noel’s version a million f * * *ing times. I’ll happily tell you mine. I’m not shy of it and, no, I’m not bitter either. I like to get to the bottom of things. I’m like Columbo. Now, I realise I’m not the easiest person to work with, but when you join a rock’n’roll band, for me, there are no limits — you drink, you take drugs, you party, you mess up, you stop. And then you think about it and move on. That all seemed to go out of the window with Noel. He was the sensible one, I get it, but you can be too sensible. As far as I’m concerned, a big rule book came out and he started ticking people off one by one.”

When asked by the interview "When did this start?".

He added “F*** knows. Maybe a year before. Beforehand, we had our scraps and then we’d get back together and have a breather. All of a sudden Noel was Eamonn f***ing Andrews from This Is Your Life, with a big red book going, ‘What time do you call this? It says here that I am in charge and you can’t be turning up late like that .’ I'm like, ‘F* * * off, man.’ Oasis were never professional. That wasn’t what we were about. He wandered off sometimes and all...” 

Interviewer "Noel wouldn’t show for up gigs?"

“No, his ego is too big not to turn up.”

When asked did he swing at Noel with a guitar. He said “What, I wielded it ‘like an axe’? Leave it out, mate. He’s been watching too many episodes of Hollyoaks. I’m not inclined like that and I never f* * *ing hit my brother because I f* * *ing love him. Not that night anyway. There was a guitar being booted, yes, but because he booted mine across the room first. But he set booby traps for me, stuff he knew I hated, all that last year, and me being me I walked straight into them. He knew he wanted to go solo. He knew we weren't selling records. He knew we were on the descent and, yes, we all knew we’d probably peaked at Knebworth in ’96. He just didn’t have the balls to say he wanted to leave. so he set me up to look like the bad guy."

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