7 August 2017

Liam Gallagher On Using Twitter

The former Oasis frontman also claims “there’s a lot of bollocks” on social media: “Apparently I’m a keen gardener.”

Liam Gallagher is one of the current kings of Twitter. He’s not only been using the social media platform to update his fans of his current activities and location, but he’s also regularly venting his spleen about just about anything.

In a very special new interview with Chris Moyles that was broadcast on Facebook Live tonight (Monday 7 August), Liam has explained that he loves Twitter:

“I enjoy it man, I mean it’s nice to put a few wrongs right, you know what I mean? And when people get a bit fucking mouthy about shit you just go, ‘No, this is what happened’.”

You can watch Liam talk about Twitter in the clip here.

Asked by Moyles if he reads replies from fans, Liam put the record straight: "I do reply to a few cocky little cunts, sometimes. There’s no point in doing it if you don’t. It’s craic ain’t it?”
Gallagher also warned that there was a lot of inaccurate nonsense floating around on social media - particularly about himself.

“The press or whoever they are,” he continued, “A lot of them they just talk absolute shit, you know what I mean? There is a lot of bollocks out there.

“I’m a church-goer, apparently. Me and God get a few things off our chest, man, every now and again.

“Apparently, I’m a fucking keen gardener as well. I got invited to go to the Chelsea fucking Flower show, because apparently, I’m into fucking flowers.

“I have a garden, but I’m not keen on it. I much prefer it be fucking paved. The minute I get some money in the bank there’ll be fucking concrete going over it.

“I’m a keen concreter.”

Source: radiox.co.uk


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