1 September 2017

Liam Gallagher On Being On F**king Fire, Playing Live, Richard Ashcroft, Noel And More

Below are a few quotes from the October issue of Q, that is on sale in stores and digitally now.

On his current form.

“I’m on fire at the moment – on fucking fire!”

On his new album 'As You Were'. 

“Now I’ve got the whole world ‘As you were’-ing me,” he enthuses. “Everyone’s saying it – people in China going, ‘Az yew waah!’”

“It’s worth shouting about,” he says, “there’s some proper tunes on there. At the gigs everyone’s been buzzing off the new stuff. We did one with Richard Ashcroft, and he was going, ‘What’s that tune you played at the end, man?’ It was You Better Run.

He goes, ‘It sounded like fucking gang music, like the Hell’s Angels booting the door open.’

There’s a couple of odd ones, too, and that’s the beauty of writing with people.”

On playing live and returning back to music.

“It’s been good to be back at work,” he says, “singing songs to the people, who’re bored out of their fucking minds. It feels like there’s a new vibe there, so maybe the break’s done everyone good. Maybe they’ve realised how shit it is without me.”

On Noel releasing a album a few weeks after his.

“It’s like we’ve come full circle,” he concludes. “We’ve slagged off every single fucking band in the universe, and now me and him are going head to head. I’m sure his record is gonna be great, man, but I feel double proud of mine, really confident. I do exactly what it says on the tin. I’m here to give the people what they want.”


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