13 April 2014

Video: Noel Gallagher On 'The Fantasy Football Club'

Noel Gallagher told The Fantasy Football Club why he thinks Luis Suarez should join Manchester City.

Fenners joined the former Oasis guitarist and singer to chat about his beloved Sky Blues, their crunch fixture with Liverpool on Sunday, plus more...

To watch the interview in full - including why Noel thinks Man Utd got the booby-prize with David Moyes - click here.

What did you make of Roberto Mancini's dismissal?

NOEL: "To get rid of the guy that won us the league and the FA Cup for the first time in 30-odd years - we didn't like it as fans. But the owners, they do their homework you know, they seem to have got the right man.

"If you'd have told me at the beginning of the season that we'd have already have got a trophy and have progressed in the Champions League and we'll be right up their challenging at the end of the season, having played some amazing football - we'd have all taken that.

"If we don't win the league, they'll be no clamour to get people out or anything like that."

How impressed have you been with Liverpool this season?

NOEL: "If they go on and win it now from where they've come from and take 14 straight wins to take the title; you're going to have to applaud them. If they do a number on us on Sunday I'll clap them off the pitch."

Would you want Luis Suarez at Man City?

NOEL: "I don't know what sort of price they'd put on his head; as each week goes by it must be another £10million.

"I don't think he'll be there that much longer. He's a brilliant player but he's got to be getting sick of the weather now. It's a least one degree warmer in Manchester."

How good is David Silva?

NOEL: "He might be the best player that's ever played for us. He's just out of this world on the ball."

Who will win Liverpool v Man City?

NOEL: "I think on Sunday it will be a draw. I'm going to go with Merson and say a score draw."

Who will win the Premier League?

NOEL: "You absolutely can't call it and anyone who is saying that they can, why don't they rush down to the bookies and put £10,000 on it because this league, out of all the leagues in the world, will make a mug of you.

"We'll go to Anfield and win on Sunday and then get beat by Crystal Palace or something because Yaya's brought his deckchair with him instead of his boots and his iPad and he's doing his shopping in the centre circle instead of getting stuck in.

"You can't call it. I hope we win it. If we don't win it I hope we go super close and if we don't win it I hope Liverpool win it."

Source: www1.skysports.com

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