21 August 2014

Guigsy Missing From Oasis' Definitely Maybe

Former Oasis star Paul 'Guigsy' Mcguigan did not play a note of music on the band's iconic debut album Definitely Maybe.

The bassist was a founding member of the British band and performed live with them throughout their mid-1990s heyday before quitting in 1999.

He was part of the line-up for the Wonderwall hitmakers' first three albums, but it has emerged none of his bass playing appears on the band's 1994 debut as all his parts were re-recorded by guitarist Noel Gallagher during increasingly fraught studio sessions.

Tony McCarroll, the band's then-drummer, tells NME magazine, "I never found out about that until way down the line. There had been an argument on tour about my drumming and Guigs told me that he wasn't on there.

I admired him for that."

Source: www.contactmusic.com

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