2 February 2015

James Blunt Agrees With Noel Gallagher's Boring Claim

British singer James Blunt has sportingly agreed with Noel Gallagher after the outspoken former Oasis star slammed him for being "boring".

Gallagher was asked if he ever wrote lyrics which drew on experiences from his own life during a Bbc radio interview on Saturday (31Jan15), and admitted there's nothing inspiring about what he does outside the recording studio.

He said, "If I wrote songs about my own life, they would be more boring than James Blunt. If that's at all possible, which we all know, of course, it's not."

The You're Beautiful hitmaker failed to take offence and humorously responded to the jibe.
He took to Twitter.com and wrote, "For once, I agree with him."

Source: www.contactmusic.com

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