1 March 2015

Noel Gallagher Wants To Be Neil Young When He Grows Up

Now live on Spotify is an exclusive Spotify Radio Show Playlist from Noel Gallagher, who chats about some of his favourite songs, in advance of the release of High Flying Birds' new album Chasing Yesterday, which will be available on Spotify upon its release on Monday.

Below are the tracks he chose and key quotes from the interview.

1: Pinball - Brian Prothero
2: Coup (12" version) - 23 Skidoo.
3: My Spine Is The Bass Line(12" version) -Shriek Back.
4: Flight 2 - Angelou and 18
5: Moody (Spaced Out) - ESG.
6: Colt - Dense & Pika
7: Calm Down- Ill Most Wanted.
8: Say No Go (Say No Dope Mix) - De La Soul.
9: Somebody Made For Me - Emmit Rhodes.
10: Lunatics Lament - Kevin Ayers.
11: Inside Looking Out - The Animals.
12: Gloria -Van Morrison.
13: The Colour Field - The Colourfield.
14: Treason - The Teardrop Explodes.
15: Wigwam - Bob Dylan.

On the most impressive person he has ever met...

"My wife. My mum is a staggering individual. McCartney because he's McCartney and he's still a dude. There's no such thing as The Greatest, but David Bowie would be way up there. Neil Young, he's just a fucking dude. I want to be Neil Young when I grow up - that's what I want to be. John Lydon is initially intimidating, but really he just wants a cuddle and for you to tell him you love him. Weller is a genius. Johnny Marr is a genius. Morrissey is fucking devastatingly cutting and funny and he's not got a good word to say about anyone or anything and I love him for that. He's misunderstood for sure."

On his kids.. 'I don't want my fucking kids talking like Ali G, I'd like them to get on in life.'

On his life... "A champagne cork popping and the Pogues' track Fiesta - that's the sound of my social life.

On his opinions... 'my opinion is not wrong or right - it's just an opinion.'

You can listen to the full radio show here.

Noel Gallagher's forthcoming High Flying Birds album Chasing Yesterday will be available on Spotify upon its release on Monday 2nd March.

Source: www.music-news.com

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