25 June 2015

Noel Gallagher Features On The Front Cover Of 'American Songwriter' Magazine

If you count the founding of the colonies, the War of 1812, Mick Jagger, and the July/August edition of American Songwriter, this marks the fourth time we’ve been invaded by the British.

What’s all this then? It’s the British issue! What’s so British about it? Well, luv, the British issue comes in a cosy arboureal colour. It’s our favourite. Savour it. We’re bloody well enamoured.

The issue includes pieces on Ringo Starr, Paul Weller, The Rolling Stones’s Sticky Fingers, The Sex Pistols, and the answer to that age old question “Just what exactly is a ‘Wonderwall’ anyway?”

You can purchase the iPad version in iTunes, or get the Android-compatible version through Google play.

Source: www.americansongwriter.com

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