4 October 2016

The Libertines Carl Barat On Collaborating With Noel Gallagher

In an exclusive interview with Carl Barat of The Libertines, he talked to kulbritania.com about the likelihood of a future collaboration with Noel Gallagher and what the Manchester band meant to him.

We asked Barat that during the making of their third record there were rumours Noel Gallagher wanted to produce the album which finally never materialised we wanted to know if The Libertines would like to do something with him one day to which he replied:

"Yes, definitely. We'd like to do something with Noel. I suppose it was hard for him because we were recording in Thailand at the time. We love and respect Noel and we'd like to do something with him one day if he wants to, of course" and went on to add what Oasis meant to him when he was growing up:

"Oasis meant a lot to me. That's why I respect Noel and Oasis so much like I do because they were literally an Oasis in the middle of a lot of crap at the time. Oasis had this old school, rock n roll attitude which was great really. They were very inspiring. They were a very important band in my life for sure."

The full interview with The Libertines will be available soon.

Source: www.kulbritania.com


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